Nokia reveals Lumia roadmap with colourful map

News Ben Griffin 10:50, 11 Jan 2012

It's boxy, bright and reveals Nokia's plans for Lumia world domination

Nokia has uploaded a website that outlines 'Nokia Lumia momentum' around the globe.

The website, which looks very much like a cross between Windows Phone's Metro interface and the Lumia 800 adverts, allows you to select a location in the world and see when a Lumia handset will be released.

It also outlines what people are saying about the Lumia range and has pictures of events. In the case of London, the Deadmau5 London show pictures are there for all to see.

As a tool for showing you when the Lumia handsets are coming to your country, it's very useful. Unfortunately, the website also outlines the UK isn't getting the Lumia 800 - at least, not anytime soon.

Not that we mind too much, as the Lumia 800 was one of our favourite handsets of 2011.

Source: Nokia Lumia Momentum Map

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