Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia Is Dead, Long Live THE "Microsoft" Lumia

News 11:36, 27 Oct 2014

Nokia’s branding on the Lumia line of products is to be dropped with Microsoft Lumia taking on the mantle

Windows Phone Name To Be Scrapped By Microsoft

News 12:19, 15 Sep 2014

It seems Windows Phone will be scrapped by Microsoft in favour of the name “Windows” on mobile devices

Nokia Lumia “Martini” Coming April 19?

News 10:56, 6 Mar 2014

Nokia is working on a new Windows Phone handset and the details are already beginning to seep through

Nokia investigates Lytro-like technologies for Lumia

News 12:18, 28 May 2013

Nokia boss confirms manufacturer is investigating 'computational photography' functionality for forthcoming Lumia devices


Nokia Lumia 720 review: first look

News 10:29, 25 Feb 2013

We got some brief hands-on time with the Nokia Lumia 720 at MWC 2013, here’s our initial take on Nokia’s new mid-ranger


Nokia Lumia PureView EOS: Nokia launch rumours for MWC 2013

Features 17:04, 22 Feb 2013

What has Nokia got in store for Mobile World Congress? We check out the rumours to see what sound plausible

Windows Phone 7.8 update available for Nokia Lumia phones

News 11:08, 31 Jan 2013

Nokia is rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 for its first generation Lumia smartphones including the Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900

Windows Phone 7.8 rolling out to Nokia Lumia 800

News 11:28, 17 Dec 2012

Nokia's Lumia 800 has finally received the update to Windows Phone 7.8 bringing a set of Windows Phone 8 features

Windows Phone 8S by HTC vs Nokia Lumia 820

Vs 15:57, 20 Sep 2012

It's time to compare the two middleweight Windows Phone 8 handsets from Nokia and HTC. Get ready for the Lumia 820 vs the Windows Phone 8S

Windows Phone 8 will come to Nokia Lumia phones - sort of

News 12:16, 12 Sep 2012

The Windows Phone 8 UI, apps and some features will be available on Nokia's Lumia range of handsets, but it won't be full fat Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 920 will have a ‘period of exclusivity’ on EE’s

News 14:35, 11 Sep 2012

Nokia's Lumia 920 will only be available in the UK through Everything Everywhere as an exclusive when it launches

Nokia talking over UK 4G Windows Phone exclusive with

News 10:08, 10 Sep 2012

Everything Everywhere might secure Nokia Lumia 4G exclusive

Nokia Lumia 820 announced

News 16:08, 5 Sep 2012

Nokia has revealed its Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Nokia Lumia 920 announced with wireless charging and

News 16:05, 5 Sep 2012

Nokia has announced its new Windows Phone 8 flagship as the Lumia 920

Nokia's Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 device specs revealed

News 17:04, 3 Sep 2012

The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 specs have leaked and they include wireless charging, 32GB storage and 8-megapixel camera

Ultimate Guide to Windows Phone - available now!

News 09:55, 11 Jul 2012

Want to get all the information about Windows Phone in one place? The Ultimate Guide to Windows Phone is here!

Nokia Lumia 800

European networks think Lumia handsets will fail

News 12:47, 17 Apr 2012

A European network has revealed Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets cannot compete with the iPhone and Android devices

Nokia Lumia 610 will include Wi-Fi hotspot function

News 11:14, 16 Mar 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone Tango handset has been advertised offering Wi-Fi hotspot functionality

MWC 2012: Nokia Mobile World Congress announcement live blog

News 07:10, 27 Feb 2012

We're live at the Nokia press conference at Mobile World Congress 2012 - will they launch the Nokia Lumia 610 and 900 in the UK?