Microsoft smartphone

Microsoft's First Nokia Handset Is Called "Superman"

News 11:43, 29 Apr 2014

The first Nokia release post-Microsoft acquisition will be the “Superman” – a mid-range phone with a focus on selfies

Nokia Microsoft Deal Finalised: The End Of An Era

News 12:52, 28 Apr 2014

The deal has finally been finished, Nokia is now owned by Microsoft

Microsoft Nokia logos

Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition Delayed Until April

News 12:19, 25 Mar 2014

Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia will not finalise until some point in April

Sony confirms interest in Windows Phone

News 16:04, 10 Jan 2014

Sony have confirmed it is in talks with Microsoft to release a Windows Phone in 2014

Sailfish-powered Jolla phone landing Nov. 27

News 11:46, 14 Nov 2013

The world’s first Sailfish-powered smartphone from Jolla will go on sale in Finland on Nov. 27

Windows Phone beats iOS in Italy, steady growth elsewhere

News 12:36, 4 Nov 2013

Handsets running Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform now account for 1-in-10 sales in Europe, reports suggest

Apple beats Coke Cola to become world’s most valuable brand

News 14:08, 30 Sep 2013

Technology firms dominate Interbrand’s 100 most valuable brands list, with Apple and Google taking the top spots

Colour & Technology: A Brief History...

Features 18:22, 17 Sep 2013

From SuperPaint to the iPhone 5C, technology and colour have always been intrinsically linked...

Huawei is committed to Windows Phone

News 13:00, 13 Sep 2013

You can now count Microsoft’s Windows Phone partners using a Twix: Nokia & Huawei

Nokia: A Brief History of…

Features 12:05, 9 Sep 2013

The Nokia 1011. Symbian. N-Gage. Windows Phone – we take a look at some of Nokia's best (and worst) moments

IFA 2013: Three Days at Europe’s Best Tech Expo

Blogs 12:07, 9 Sep 2013

Sausage, beer, and technology. Paul reflects on his three days at IFA 2013

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Quad-core Snapdragon 400 with LTE built for Windows Phone

News 12:26, 4 Jun 2013

Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 400 with built in LTE coming to next-generation Windows Phone handsets

Smartphones in 2023: Where is mobile technology heading?

Blogs 15:29, 19 Apr 2013

What does the future hold for mobile technology? Damien McFerran dusts off his crystal ball to take a look

The History of Mobile Phones: From 1973 To 2008

News 14:15, 16 Apr 2015

All the mobile phones that mattered from the first Nokia handset right up to the iPhone 3G