Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Released To Critical Acclaim

News 10:41, 26 Nov 2014

Reviews are popping up of the new Super Smash Bros For Wii U game and it looks like it could be the best Nintendo brawl yet

Pokémon Is Now On iPad, Nintendo Goes Mobile

News 11:34, 1 Oct 2014

Pokémon has launched its Trading Card Game Online for iOS devices

Nintendo Reveals The New Nintendo 3DS

News 17:20, 29 Aug 2014

Nintendo has unveiled the next version of its portable console, once again it’ll be called the Nintendo 3DS

Classic Nintendo Games We Want On Android & iOS

Features 15:20, 30 Jan 2014

Nintendo has confirmed it is looking into adapting games for smartphones, but what do we want to see?

Nintendo Currently Working On Smartphone Apps

News 10:44, 30 Jan 2014

After a third consectuive loss the company is looking into smartphone apps and the possbility of games

A Nintendo Android Tablet Could Change Everything

Blogs 15:37, 21 Nov 2013

An Android-powered Nintendo gaming tablet is the stuff of dreams, says Damien McFerran

In bed with HTC: Who’s the best fit?

Blogs 15:55, 5 Aug 2013

HTC's financial woes could lead to a merger with another company. But who would be the best fit?

Nintendo GameBoy

Smartphones and tablets are killing the handheld gaming

Features 11:29, 12 Jun 2012

Ben Griffin discusses whether or not smartphone and tablet games are killing devices like the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo legend Miyamoto praises Angry Birds

News 09:19, 13 Apr 2012

Nintendo may not have relaxed its opinion of mobile gaming but one of its legendary figures rather likes Angry Birds

Chrono Trigger review [iPhone]

Reviews 00:17, 25 Jan 2012

Square’s near-legendary RPG epic finally comes to the small screen, but has the wait been worth it? Our review sets off in search of the answer

OnLive Instant Play

Opinion: OnLive Mobile could mean the end of portable

Features 18:46, 22 Dec 2011

OnLive has made portable cloud gaming a reality, and it’s sure to change mobile gaming as we know it

A Nintendo Phone Concept of EPIC Proportions

News 10:13, 21 Jul 2015

Nintendo will release games for Android and iOS in 2015/16. But what about a bespoke mobile phone too?

iOS and Android mobile gaming overtakes Sony PSP and

News 11:39, 11 Nov 2011

Smartphone gaming sales are expected to surpass dedicated portable devices from Nintendo and Sony this year

GBC.emu review

Reviews 11:41, 13 Oct 2011

We review an Android-based Game Boy emulator to find out if the old monochrome magic has stood the test of time

Stardash Review [Xperia Play]

Reviews 00:36, 29 Sep 2011

Android goes old-school with this black and white 2D platformer

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Smartphones 'the new battlefield for the gaming industry'

News 09:32, 12 Aug 2011

An investor is urging Nintendo to begin developing titles for the iPhone but the company who created Mario says it won't budge


Apple manufacturer commits to robotic future

News 11:29, 1 Aug 2011

Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturer, has confirmed its commitment to the robotic age and will have one million robotic workers by 2015


Apple recruits Activision and Nintendo PR heavyweights

News 13:53, 11 Apr 2011

It is reported that Rob Saunders from Nintendo and Nick Grange from Activision might be joining Apple

Angry Birds

Ngmoco: Sony's hardware is in 'trouble'

News 11:16, 21 Mar 2011

Ngmoco founder Neil Young gives his impression on the big three console manufacturers, and his outlook for Sony isn't too positive


Sony's NGP unable to 'compete' with app store

News 11:57, 2 Mar 2011

Ngmoco's CEO has said the Sony NGP is 'dead on arrival' and the Nintendo 3DS is 'gimmicky'