Samsung Pay To Land In UK "SOON"

Features 14:41, 12 Feb 2016

Samsung Pay will arrive "soon", so here's all you need to know about Samsung's mobile payment system

Apple iPhone 6 NFC Chip Is Locked To Apple Pay

News 15:11, 16 Sep 2014

Both the new iPhone’s have NFC technology in for the first time, but sadly it has now been confirmed it’s only for use with Apple Pay

Apple Pay: It's ALL About The Benjamins...

News 19:48, 8 Jun 2015

How An NFC-equipped iPhone 6 Will Launch The Mobile Payments Revolution

iPhone 6 NFC Payments: 800 Million Reasons WHY It's Coming

News 10:50, 2 Sep 2014

Apple's iPhone 6 will debut the company's remote mobile payment service in conjunction with MasterCard, Visa

EE Android-Based Mobile Payments Hit London Buses

News 17:36, 4 Aug 2014

Contactless payment schemes are now available all over London’s travel network but now you can use your EE Android phone too

Topping up oystercard using near field communication

Ditch Oyster Card, Save Money: Contactless Payment Explained

News 11:30, 1 Aug 2014

After trailing contactless payments on buses, TFL has confirmed the service will be coming to the London Underground, DLR, and Overground

NFC payments

iPhone 6 Leak Claims To Confirm NFC Connectivity

News 12:40, 29 Jul 2014

The first leaked photo of the iPhone 6 chip show off the NFC technology rumoured to be inside

EE Contactless Payment Now Work On London Underground

News 11:10, 16 Sep 2014

EE introduces Cash On Tap for contactless mobile payments - and it works with the London transport network!

NFC payments

Apple's iPhone 6-Specific "Google Wallet" Competitor Outed

News 13:18, 24 Jul 2014

The iPhone 6 release date is just around the corner, and one key USP of the new iPhone could be mobile payments

iPhone 6 Back Panel Leaks In Both Black And Silver

News 11:52, 10 Jul 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 back panel has been leaked from the supply chain and here it is

Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Review: Let There Be Bass!

Reviews 12:21, 11 Jun 2014

Portable, sexy as hell and capable of producing one hell of a racket – ladies and gentleman, it’s the Bayan Audio X3

iPhone 6 Specs Include NFC, CAT 6 LTE & Wireless Charging

News 12:50, 9 Jun 2014

iPhone 6 specs detailed by "source close to the Apple"

How To Set Up Google Wallet For Android Mobile Payments

User guides 13:48, 2 Sep 2014

As we march ever faster towards a cashless society, here's some tips on how you setup and use Google Wallet

iPhone 6, NFC & TouchID: Apple's 2014 Mobile Payments Push

Blogs 13:41, 14 May 2014

Apple's apparently kitting out its upcoming iPhone 6 with NFC. Michael looks at the pros, cons and possibilities

Bayan Audio Soundbook Review: The Perfect Travel Companion

Reviews 12:43, 16 Jan 2014

Superb design, excellent sound quality and tons of connectivity – ladies and gentlemen, this is how you make a portable wireless speaker

Making Mobile Payments Pay In 2014

Blogs 14:06, 13 Jan 2014

Emerging technology from ARM and Trustonic look to make mobile payments fast, secure and – most importantly – commonplace in 2014

iBeacon: Apple's NFC Alternative Explained

Features 16:51, 21 Jan 2014

Forget NFC – Apple's new iBeacons feature is where it's at!

How to send a file using NFC on your BlackBerry Z10

User guides 16:13, 11 Apr 2013

NFC's a handy function to have, here's how to use it on your BlackBerry Z10

Sony Xperia SP review - first look

News 10:12, 18 Mar 2013

Sony Xperia SP – we go hands-on with Sony’s latest 4G-ready smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 will have 2,600mAh NFC battery

News 15:05, 12 Mar 2013

Samsung's Galaxy S4 will have a wirelessly charging NFC battery