Backing up your Motorola V3i to a PC by Bluetooth or Sync

User guides Chris Leonard 15:22, 11 Mar 2007

You can make sure the Phonebook and datebook entries on your Motorola V3i are safe by backing them up to a PC or an Internet server. You can do this wirelessly using Bluetooth or syncing with an Internet server

Back up via Bluetooth

To back up to a PC using Bluetooth, first make sure you have turned on Bluetooth (See Switching Bluetooth On), and that the phone is visible to other Bluetooth devices. Then make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your PC (Or insert a Bluetooth adapter). Now follow these instructions:

  • Choose the Phonebook or Datebook entry you want to back up to the computer. The press Menu (The [–] button).
  • To back up a Phonebook entry, scroll down to Share Phonebook Entry or to save a datebook event, scroll down to Send. Then press Select.
  • Then select the destination device (e.g. My Computer) and press Select.

Back up using Sync

You can also back up your Phonebook and datebook entries to an Internet server (Called the Internet Sync Partner), to synchronise your entries on both your phone and a PC.

To do this you will need to know the server URL and the Data Paths (The folders below the URL, where the data will be stored).

  • From the Standby screen press Menu (The [–] button), then highlight Settings (Figure 4).
  • Then scroll down to Connection and press Select (Figure 5).
  • Select Sync (Figure 6) and choose [New Entry] (Figure 7).
  • Enter the server details, including the URL and Data Paths.

To synchronise files with the chosen Internet Sync partner, select the file then:

  • Press Menu (The [–] button) and select Settings (Figure 4).
  • Choose Connection (Figure 5) then Sync (Figure 6).
  • Then select Sync partner (Figure 7).

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