Setting up Email on the Motorola RAZR V3i

Setup Chris Leonard 17:14, 10 Mar 2007

You don't need a smartphone or BlackBerry to access your emails. The Motorola V3i lets you log into your mobile email account to retrieve and send emails from the handset

You can send and receive emails from your POP3 accounts (e.g. your web email accounts) on your Motorola V3i, meaning you don’t have to log in on a PC to keep in touch with people.

First of all, check with your email provider to see if your account is compatible. Most Internet email providers use POP3 accounts.

Some webmail suppliers offer POP3 access but while Gmail offers POP3 for free, Hotmail users only get it as part with an account upgrade. Yahoo Mail users must upgrade to its premium service to use POP3 email, although at the moment (not users can still activate POP3 for free by logging in to the email service and selecting Options.

Before setting up your email account on your Motorola V3i, make sure you have the following email settings to hand:

Email address/Username - Usually the part before the '@' in your address, but can be the whole address. Ask your email provider if you are unsure
Password - Your email password
Incoming (POP3) server - If it's not in the table below, your email provider will be able to supply this. You'll usually find their details on their website
Outgoing (SMTP) server - This depends on which mobile phone network you use. See the table below for details. Note: your email provider's POP3 settings will also contain details of the Outgoing (SMTP) server. You will NOT need this to set up email on your mobile.
IP address – This is a four-digit number, with each number separated full stops, e.g.

To configure your email account on your Motorola V3i, take the following steps:

• From the standby screen click Menu (The [–] button), and highlight Messaging in the menu. Click Select (Figure 1).
• Scroll down to Email Msgs and click Menu (Figure 2).
• Scroll down to Email Msg Setup and click Select (Figure 3).
• Select ISP settings (Figure 4) and enter your email provider’s details (Figure 5). Then select Done (Figure 6).
• Now highlight Account Settings and click Change (Figure 7).
• Select [New Entry] (Figure 8)and enter your email account details.
• Under Account Name enter a title for your email account, e.g. Yahoo or Gmail (Figure 9).
• Under Name, enter your name as you want it to appear on the emails.
• Under User ID and Password enter your account’s log-in details.
• Highlight Return address and enter your email address.
• Highlight Sending Host and enter your account’s Outgoing SMTP server address of your mobile network (See below). The Sending port should read 25. If not, change it and click Done.
• Highlight Receiving Host and enter the POP3 server name for your email provider (See below) and click Done. Then make sure that Receiving port reads 110. Then click Done (Figure 10).
• You're now ready to send and receive emails on your mobile phone (Figure 11).

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