Google not happy with next-gen Motorola smartphones

News Paul Briden 14:08, 1 Mar 2013

Motorola's next batch of phones isn't up to scratch according to Google CFO

Motorola’s next batch of phones lack any real ‘wow’ factor and are not ‘innovative’ or ‘transformative’ by Google’s standards, according to statements made by the Android giant’s chief financial officer Patrick Pichette.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, Pichette said: ‘We’ve inherited a pipeline, Motorola has a great set of assets, but it has a pipeline of products that were fine, but not really to the standard that Google would say is ‘wow, innovative, transformative'.'

It’s not entirely clear exactly which Motorola products Pichette was being critical of. In recent months Motorola has released the Razr i, and has now launched the Razr HD, but whether it is these devices which lack the Google seal of approval or a set of devices which remain unannounced we don’t rightly know.

Further to this is the issue of the Motorola X, aka the Nexus X, an allegedly forthcoming ‘superphone’ being created by the company.

Previous reports have been mixed – it was initially indicated this would be a distinctly Motorola product with close co-operation from Google, but one which wouldn’t be part of the Nexus brand.

More recently, however, reports have suggested the Nexus X name and that Motorola is producing the device on Google’s behalf.

In the former scenario it is possible that Pichette’s criticisms are aimed, at least partially, at the new device, if it is indeed the Motorola X.

However, we think it’s very unlikely to be the subject of his comments if it is, in fact, being made as a Nexus X device because with every Nexus handset so far they’ve been produced meticulously to Google’s specifications and standards regardless of who the manufacturer is.

‘We have been working really take a hold of Motorola, really kind of putting it on a trajectory that’s much more, what we believe at Google is, the right mindset, the right timeframes,’ said Pichette, ‘But we’ve inherited 18 months of pipeline that we actually have to drain right now.’

‘We have to go through this transition. These are not easy transitions,’ he added, ‘We’re very optimistic, we’re very supportive and we have great plans for Motorola.’

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