How to root the Motorola MILESTONE

User guides 17:05, 15 Dec 2009

We show you how to gain root access to your Motorola MILESTONE using a PC or Mac

It took some time but the Motorola MILESTONE has finally been "rooted" enabling you to gain direct access to the smartphone's file system.

It means you can modify the phone’s firmware to install custom themes, apps and custom operating systems/roms. It is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone because it gives you functions that are not enabled by default.

The rooting process for the MILESTONE works on both the original Android 2.0 operating system/rom that shipped with early handsets, and the latest 2.0.1 OTA (over the air) software update that was recently released. We recommend that you update the MILESTONE to version 2.0.1, as mentioned in step 1 below, prior to rooting your phone.

Disclaimer: While root access is easily achieved, it can void your warranty and have negative effects on the operation of your phone. We recommend that you do the necessary research on root access before you attempt the above as you could cause damage to your handset.

  1. Update to the latest Android 2.0.1 operating system over the air (your device should prompt you to update the system software automatically) or use our guide to update your phone with a PC or Mac
  2. Download the Android 2.0.1 "super user" update file
  3. Rename the file downloaded in step 2 to
  4. Plug your MILESTONE into your computer via USB and go to the notifications bar, select USB Connected then tap Mount
  5. Once the device is mounted, the SD card will appear as a removable device on your computer
  6. Copy the file created in step 3 to the root (top) directory of your SD Card
  7. Unmount the MILESTONE and power it off
  8. Hold down the 'X' key on the physical keyboard and simultaneously press the power button
  9. Continue to hold both buttons from step 8 down until you see a triangle symbol with an ! (exclamation point)
  10. Release the 'X' and power button and now press both volume+ and the camera button -- you will then be presented with a menu
  11. Using the directional pad on the physical keyboard, highlight apply and press the select key
  12. Once the upgrade is complete, select the option to reboot the phone

Adapted from our sister site, Know Your Cell.

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