Motorola Phone Portal leaked

News Ben Woods 13:32, 7 Oct 2009

Motorola has developed a new device management app called the Motorola Phone Portal

Leaked information suggests that Motorola will be releasing a new app that allows PC-to-mobile connections over Wi-Fi.

The new info and images surfaced over at and reveals that the new Motorola Phone Portal allows hassle free connections between PC and Motorola mobiles via USB or Wi-Fi.

Now, obviously USB connectivity isn't anything new, but the option of connecting over Wi-Fi means that there's no need to install finicky drivers or cumbersome software on the host computer; a particularly attractive prospect for most users.

Once installed and running on the handset, a user is simply given a local web address to type into their PC browser, through which, the app allows total control and back-up of contacts, photos, videos, music, bookmarks and browser history.

It is rumoured that the new app will feature prominently on the homescreen of the keenly awaited Motorola Sholes/Tao handset and early reports suggest that the UI is well designed and user-friendly. Motorola will undoubtedly be pleased to hear this, but is keeping tight-lipped with official details, although we expect an announcement to coincide with the launch of the Sholes.

If you'd like to test out the Motorola Phone Portal you can do so by visiting, there's a link to the .apk file at the bottom of the page.

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