Motorola engineer may have unwittingly revealed existence of the RAZR HD

News Ben Griffin 09:43, 16 Apr 2012

An image taken by a Motorola employee may have accidentally revealed the existence of the RAZR HD smartphone

If seeing is believing, an engineer and program manager at Motorola has accidentally revealed the next device to come from the now Google-owned company.

The image in question, which was allegedly taken by employee Vic Yu and uploaded to Picasa, The Verge reported, shows what is known as EXIF data - a common standard in photography for displaying technical details of a photo such as exposure compensation and shutter speed.

In this data lies a little nugget of information, the mention of a device called the Droid RAZR HD.

If we remove the Droid section, because that's usually associated with US versions of Motorola handsets, we're left with what sounds very much like an updated version of the ultra-slim Motorola RAZR, a device we rather liked.

Reading on in the EXIF data, we see the numbers 4.0.3, which would suggest the RAZR HD will come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest and greatest from Google, and the name Vanquish.

As a device that could share its name with a particularly beautiful Aston Martin, the Razr HD really has a lot to live up to. But considering the original Razr - which comes encased in a sleek grey case covered with Kevlar and measured just 7.1mm in thickness - was one of the better looking smartphones in 2011, we think the challenge can be met.

The Razr's real only weakness, besides still not having Android Ice Cream Sandwich, is its display. It isn't bad, per se, but it doesn't quite match the crispness of Apple's Retina Display or Samsung's AMOLED HD. This would make the addition of an HD display, as denoted in its name, very welcome.

Of course, EXIF data can be faked easily so this may just be a wind-up, but it's interesting to note the images in question seem to have been taken down.

We've approached a Motorola spokesperson for comment - watch this space.

Update: Motorola has spoken: 'We do not comment on rumour or speculation.'

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