WebTop 3.0 for Motorola Lapdock adds Razr Android 4.0 support

News Paul Briden 09:57, 4 Apr 2012

Motorola's Razr Android 4.0 update leak reveals hidden treasure

Reports are coming in of a leaked version of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) build for Motorola's Razr smartphone.

That's newsworthy in and of itself, but more intriguingly the leak has apparently revealed a new build of WebTop 3.0 for Motorola's Lapdock, according to DroidLife.

The Lapdock was originally released as a (prohibitively expensive) companion device for the Atrix smarthpone, which slotted into it and turned your phone into a laptop via a custom Linux interface.

Between the price of the dock and somewhat limited scope of the Atrix the whole thing wasn't particularly well received and sort of slinked off into relative obscurity.

However, Motorola has now made the Lapdock compatible with its more popular Razr smartphone through WebTop 3.0, included with the Android 4.0 update. By the looks of things the Razr is connected to the Lapdock wirelessly, probably through Bluetooth.

The build included with the leaked Razr Ice Cream Sandwich update is in beta stages but it still appears to be quite a comprehensive package and brings the ICS tablet interface to the Lapdock in place of its old custom Linux platform.

According to user tests there are plenty of functional, if somewhat buggy, features included already such as ICS's ‘Face Unlock', although at the same time some apps are not yet compatible. Still, it looks very promising indeed and could bring Motorola's Lapdock back for something of a renaissance.

We also noticed an interesting comment by a Phandroid reader, who noted:

‘I can confirm this, just tried it with my old Atrix lapdock and RAZR running the ICS leak. Seems way more useful than the old version IMO. I'm pretty pumped about this surprise. +1 for Moto'


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