MWC 2011: Motorola Gleam review: First look

Reviews 18:31, 15 Feb 2011

We take a look at the Motorola Gleam ahead of our full review

Although Mobile World Congress 2011 has been full to the brim with smartphones, Motorola has taken a stand forward by introducing a feature phone (you remember them, right?), aimed at those who want a little bit of bling in their lives.

The Motorola Gleam goes back to when phones were there to just make and take phone calls and send texts, browse light web pages and well, that's about it.

It takes the same form factor as the hugely popular RAZR device a a highly coloured clamshell. Our hands on was with a rather garish pink metallic number. We know fashionistas like their colours, or so Moto tells us, but we're not sure making those colours blinding is quite the right attitude to take.

There's a hidden screen on the front that will perform basic functions such as display a hello message and show the time, but it doesn't have a whole lot of extra function than just that.

The Gleam opens up to display a simple metallic keyboard. Buttons are large and give a decent amount of feedback, but like the RAZRs of old, there is a certain amount of give when you press down each key.

The display isn't the crispest we've seen, but we expect the Gleam to retail for a very good price on prepay, so weren't expecting much in that department.

As a Java-powered device, there's little in the menu that will impress. There are three preloaded games that probably won't enthrall as much as those available on smartphone platforms, but they're fine if you just want a boredom breaker for a couple of moments.

There is a browser onboard too, but it's very basic.

Round the back of the Motorola Gleam is a 2-meagpixel camera, designed mostly for taking quick pics of your mates. It's nothing too fancy and although we didn't get to test it out properly, we're guessing it's not up to the same quality as the Nokia N8.

The Motorola Gleam is a colourful device, clearly aimed at those who want a party phone. It's also perfect for a first mobile phone, so you'll probably see the yoof carrying these as an accessory on the streets very soon.

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