The Time Is Right For Android Wear To Win The Wearable War

Blogs 15:28, 7 Oct 2015

The Apple Watch may have won hearts and minds but Google can win the war, says Damien McFerran

Motorola Moto G (2015) Review

Reviews 13:01, 21 Sep 2015

We review the 3rd gen Motorola Moto G to see if the 2015 model is still the champion of the budget phone space

Moto 360 (2015) & Moto 360 Sport Get OFFICIAL

News 11:46, 7 Sep 2015

Motorola has announced the Moto 360 (2015) and Moto 360 Sport

Google Project Ara: What's The Hold Up?

News 14:30, 21 Aug 2015

Google's Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could re-define the market

Moto X Style Review: Hands-On With The Moto X 2015

Reviews 16:04, 10 Aug 2015

Motrola has now announced the third-generation Moto X (2015) as the Moto X Style

Moto X Style vs the Moto X Play: What's The Difference?

Vs 16:49, 30 Jul 2015

We pit Motorola's TWO flagships against each other, the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play

Motorola Moto X Style & Moto X Play Launched

News 09:39, 29 Jul 2015

Motorola's third generation of Moto X has arrived a two distinct handsets, the Moto X Style and the Moto X Play

Moto G 2015 Gets Official With Updates & Specs To DIE For

News 16:54, 28 Jul 2015

The third generation Moto G (2015) is here... and like its predecessor it is pretty damn good!

New Motorola Snapdragon 810 Handset In The Works?

News 16:42, 7 Jul 2015

Motorola is working on a new flagship smartphone

Is THIS The New Moto 360? Images LEAK Online

News 10:59, 2 Jul 2015

Images and details of the Moto 360 successor have leaked online

Moto 360 Review: Moto 360 Has Priced SLASHED In Google Play

Reviews 10:57, 2 Jul 2015

Does the Moto 360 –– Android Wear's poster boy –– live up to expectation?

Nexus 6 vs Moto X (2014): What's The Difference

Vs 10:56, 1 Jun 2015

Both are made by Motorola but how do the the Nexus 6 and Moto X 2014 compare?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6: And The Best Phablet Is...

Vs 15:57, 22 May 2015

Two of the latest phablets face off with Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 taking on the might of the Nexus 6

Moto G 2014 Review: Even Better With Android Lollipop

Reviews 14:37, 6 Mar 2015

Motorola attempts to follow up its biggest selling handset of all time, the Moto G, with a second-gen device that is also called the Moto G

Moto E 4G Review: Motorola Just Can't Stop WINNING

Reviews 13:01, 26 Feb 2015

The Moto E with 4G is here –– and it’s got a faster, quad-core processor

Save Up To £75 On A Custom Moto X!

News 12:07, 6 Feb 2015

Motorola's limited time deal lets you save money on a custom built Moto X smartphone

Moto X (2014) Review: Solid, Compelling Stuff

Reviews 18:18, 26 Jan 2015

Motorola's Moto X offers something unique in the smartphone space - a flagship handset you can customise to your own taste

Motorola Promises Lollipop Update For 2013/2014 Devices

News 15:45, 14 Jan 2015

Motorola is keeping its 2013/2014 line up-to-date with new Android software

Moto X (2014) Price Slashed For Cyber Monday

News 16:53, 27 Nov 2014

Motorola's Moto X (2014) is getting a price cut on December 1 on the Moto Maker website

The Unlikely Resurgence of Motorola

Blogs 18:06, 17 Nov 2014

Back in 2010 Motorola was down and out, after many profitable years. But now it's back with a series of excellent handsets. So, asks Evan Blass, what the HELL happened?