Microsoft Surface Rt

Surface 2 Review: Does Windows RT Still Suck?

Reviews 13:46, 25 Mar 2014

Did Microsoft get it right second time around?

Microsoft will buy your old Android, Apple & BlackBerry gear

News 17:07, 19 Sep 2013

Microsoft will do anything to get you using Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Heck, it’ll even buy your old Android and BlackBerry handsets

What now for Microsoft's tablet strategy?

Blogs 16:00, 27 Aug 2013

What does the future hold for Microsoft’s tablet vision?

Microsoft Surface fails with just 1.7 million sales to date

News 17:27, 1 Aug 2013

Estimated sales of Microsoft’s Surface tablet have been pegged at just 1.7 million since launch

Windows 8.1 RT update to include Outlook email app

News 09:52, 5 Jun 2013

Windows 8.1 RT will feature Outlook email app, Microsoft confirms

Microsoft 2.0 underway – services and hardware FTW!

News 15:55, 3 Jun 2013

Microsoft will undergo ‘major restructuring’ as it attempts to shift its focus from software to services and hardware

Microsoft's Surface tablets now come with free keyboard

News 11:59, 3 Jun 2013

Microsoft Surface tablets now ship with a free keyboard

Android wins in tablet marketshare race, Microsoft loses

News 16:46, 2 May 2013

Latest IDC figures show big gains for Android, over-easy demand for Apple, and bad news for Microsoft

Microsoft smartphone

Microsoft quashes Surface Phone launch rumours

News 10:38, 17 Apr 2013

Microsoft has no plans to launch a Surface Phone, says Windows Phone VP

Toshiba Satellite U920T review

Reviews 12:09, 8 Mar 2013

Toshiba Satellite U920T – should this Windows 8-powered hybrid device replace your existing laptop, or tablet?

Fewer than 1 million Surface RTs will have sold in Q4

News 10:13, 6 Dec 2012

Sales of Microsoft's Surface RT won't reach 1 million before year's end, according to analysts

Living with the Microsoft Surface RT

Features 17:18, 4 Dec 2012

Basil Kronfli spent some time living with the Surface RT as his primary tablet to see how it stacked up in actual real-world use

Dell XPS 10 vs Microsoft Surface RT

Vs 16:13, 3 Dec 2012

Microsoft's Surface RT takes on Dell's new contender, the XPS 10

Windows Surface RT update

Microsoft Surface RT update brings performance and battery

News 09:38, 28 Nov 2012

The Microsoft Surface RT's battery life is definitely one of the tablet's stronger points, but this hasn't stopped Microsoft releasing a battery and performance update just weeks after its release

Microsoft commits to Surface RT slate until 2017

News 09:59, 26 Nov 2012

Microsoft has confirmed that it will support the Surface RT tablet with regular software updates until April 11, 2017

Microsoft Surface RT review

Reviews 12:58, 16 Nov 2012

We review the Microsoft Surface RT, the first hybrid tablet from the creator of Windows

Bill Gates says Surface RT is an ‘unbelievably great

News 12:22, 23 Oct 2012

Bill Gates has gone on record talking about the benefits of Windows 8, the company’s Surface RT slate, as well as Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 will be a ‘non-event’ for most businesses

News 13:11, 22 Oct 2012

The launch of Windows 8 is likely to a ‘non-event’ for most businesses, claims report

Windows 8

Microsoft Surface ad shows off potential iPad-killer in all

News 13:30, 17 Oct 2012

Microsoft’s first official Surface TV advert shows off what life might be like with one of its brand new Windows 8-powered slates

Microsoft confirms Surface RT pricing and release date

News 15:53, 16 Oct 2012

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet just got its pricing and release date confirmed