LG KC780

LG battles for the thin with the KC780

News 16:09, 30 Sep 2008

LG announces a super-slim 8-megapixel KC780 sliding cameraphone in an attempt to beat off the competition

LG KS360

LG KS360 camera samples

Reviews 13:55, 8 Sep 2008

The LG KS360 may not have the most stunning camera on the market, but it takes some good snaps to capture the good times. Here we show you what it can do

LG KC910 front

LG officially launches the KC910 Renoir 8-megapixel Viewty

News 13:45, 4 Sep 2008

LG has announced that its long-awaited 8-megapixel cameraphone, the KC910 Renoir will be launched in October

LG Netbook X110

LG battles to be the first manufacturer to go 3G PC

News 17:09, 29 Aug 2008

LG is the first handset manufacturer to launch a mini 3G enabled laptop with the Netbook X110

LG KS360

LG KS360 review

Reviews 17:33, 26 Aug 2008

We review the LG KS360, LG's first handset with a Qwerty keyboard, featuring a decent two-megapixel camera and touch screen dialling

LG KC910 landscape

LG to clash with Samsung for 8-megapixel crown

News 18:20, 22 Aug 2008

LG has announced it will be launching an eight-megapixel cameraphone to rival the i8510, supposedly called the KC910 Renoir

LG Prada

LG Prada II to knock off original

News 16:02, 21 Aug 2008

LG Prada II announced with a much improved spec including Qwerty keyboard

Manchester United theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Manchester United theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 12:50, 21 Aug 2008

Celebrate the start of the new football season with this exclusive Manchester United theme for the LG KU990 Viewty. Come on your Reds!

LG KS360

LG launches KS360 Qwerty keyboard messager phone

News 13:05, 10 Jul 2008

LG has announced a UK release for its low-cost KS360 messager mobile that features a sliding Qwerty-keyboard and touchscreen dialling

Dr Who Series 4 theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Doctor Who theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 18:44, 2 Jul 2008

Celebrate the climax of series 4 of Doctor Who with this amazing theme for the LG Viewty - Davros is included!

Hulk theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

The Incredible Hulk theme for the LG Viewty

Themes 13:04, 12 Jun 2008

Download the not-so-jolly green giant and Hulk up your LG KU990 Viewty with this fantastic theme

LG KC550

LG reveals KC550 low-cost 5-megapixel cameraphone

News 13:58, 11 Jun 2008

LG is bringing high-spec shooting to mass market cameraphones with the 5-megapixel LG-KC550 pre-pay special

LG KF700 themes

How to change themes on the LG KF700

Themes 18:31, 8 May 2008

You can transform the look and feel of the LG KF700 by changing its themes, adding striking animations and images quickly and easily. We show you how

LG Black Label mobile phone

LG Secret first impressions

News 14:27, 2 May 2008

We get our hands on the LG Secret, a successor to the Chocolate and Shine that has far more about it than mere fashion

LG Secret KF750

LG Secret revealed

News 17:21, 24 Apr 2008

The LG Secret has been unveiled, a super-slim, 5-megapixel camera-packing sliderphone, with touchscreen control and 3G HSDPA in a stylish carbon fibre and glass design

Indiana Jones theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Indiana Jones theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 12:58, 9 Apr 2008

Check out this whip-cracking Viewty theme and ringtone from the upcoming blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

LG KF600

How to change themes on the LG KF600

Themes 13:27, 12 Mar 2008

The LG KF600 has an innovative dual-display touchscreen set-up that can adopt a bright new look and feel quickly and easily by changing themes

Ashes to Ashes theme on the LG KU990 Viewty

Ashes to Ashes theme for LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 16:55, 17 Feb 2008

Customise your LG KU990 Viewty 80s-style with these amazing Ashes to Ashes wallpapers and top it off with a stunning "Fire up the Quattro!" ringtone

LG KF600 and LG KF700

LG gets touch sensitive with KF700 and KF600

News 09:00, 12 Feb 2008

LG has introduced two new touch control user interfaces with its latest models - the touchscreen KF700, and the KF600 with InteractPad context controls

LG KT610

LG reveals KT610 Symbian S60 smartphone with GPS, Qwerty

News 09:49, 11 Feb 2008

LG has taken the wraps of a new Symbian S60 smartphone, the KT610, a GPS enabled, Qwerty keyboard sporting candybar phone with 3G HSDPA inside