LG KF300

Changing themes and wallpapers on the LG KF300

Themes 14:22, 8 Dec 2008

Transform the appearance of your LG KF300's menus and standby screen by changing themes and wallpapers - we show you how

LG KF300

Customising Favourites shortcuts on the LG KF300

User guides 14:20, 8 Dec 2008

Set up the Favourites Hot key list on your LG KF300 to get all the functions you want immediately to hand - we show you how

LG KC550 with Doctor Who wallpapers

Dr Who theme for the LG KC550

Themes 17:35, 27 Nov 2008

David Tennant may have resigned from his post as the Doctor, but you can celebrate the climax of series 4 of Doctor Who with this amazing theme for the LG KC550

Manchester United wallpapers with LG KC550

Manchester United theme for the LG KC550

Themes 17:10, 27 Nov 2008

Celebrate the football season with this exclusive Manchester United theme for the LG KC550. Come on your Reds!

LG KC550 with Bluetooth logo and computer

Sending files via Bluetooth from the LG KC550

User guides 11:48, 27 Nov 2008

You can send photos, videos, tones and files from your LG KC550 to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile or PC. It's easy, and it's free!


Verizon exclusive LG DARE

News 15:32, 25 Nov 2008

We’ve got our hands on the specifications of the award winning LG DARE which is looking set for its debut at next January's Consumer Electronics Show

LG KS360 with lamborghini wallpaper

Lamborghini Gallardo theme for the LG KS360

Themes 14:54, 21 Nov 2008

Vroom! vroom! If it's all about cars for you, this exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo theme will certainly set your LG KS360 alight

LG KS360 with Dr Who theme

Dr Who theme for the LG KS360

Themes 12:26, 21 Nov 2008

Dr Who may have finished for the season, but there's plenty more planned for next year including four special episodes. If you need a taster before then, check out this theme for the LG KS360

LG Prada II KF900

Video: LG Prada KF900 preview

News 10:30, 21 Nov 2008

We were at the launch of the second generation Prada handset from LG. Here's a sneak video peek of what it has to offer

LG Prada II KF900

New LG PRADA collaboration announced - the KF900

News 11:54, 18 Nov 2008

LG and Prada have today announced the successor to its popular touch-screen KE850 handset, the LG KF900.

LG KC 560 Double View

With the glitz of a disco-ball the LG KC560 finds its way

News 13:00, 11 Nov 2008

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the LG KC550, the KS560 features golden sections and a focus on media playback rather than imaging

LG KF300

LG adds Orange exclusive KF300

News 12:14, 10 Nov 2008

LG aims for simple-but-stylish with its Orange exclusive KF300 slimline flip phone

LG KS360 with iPhone theme

iPhone theme for the LG KS360

Themes 17:34, 4 Nov 2008

If you love the look of the iPhone interface, but would rather have the hardware keypad of the LG KS360, you can merge the two with our iPhone theme

LG and Windows mockup handset

LG collaborates with Microsoft to produce new WinMo Handsets

News 11:48, 4 Nov 2008

LG and Microsoft have announced that they will be working together on a new range of handsets set to rival the operating systems of competitors

LG KS500

Budget LG handset with big features

News 16:00, 3 Nov 2008

LG launches the budget KS500 with unassuming looks but pretty decent features including GPS and a 3-megapixel camera

Lamborghini Gallardo theme for the LG Viewty

Lamborghini Gallardo theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 17:49, 27 Oct 2008

Supercharge your LG KU990 Viewty with this amazing Lamborghini Gallardo theme and ringtone

LG KC910 Renoir wth Manchester United theme

Manchester United theme for the LG KC910 Renoir

Themes 18:04, 14 Oct 2008

Glory, glory Man United! If you're a die-hard Manchester United fan, download our exclusive theme with wallpapers and a very apt ringtone

LG KS360

Editing images on the LG KS360

User guides 20:19, 13 Oct 2008

You can transform images taken with the LG KS360 by using a wide range of onboard editing tools. We show you how

LG Prada II

LG Prada II launches

News 14:10, 13 Oct 2008

LG launches the follow up to the Prada, with a slide out Qwerty keyboard and a large touchscreen

LG KS360

Using the FM radio on the LG KS360

User guides 11:31, 13 Oct 2008

Get free music and other audio entertainment on your LG KS360 by tuning in to its FM radio - we show you how