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MWC 09: LG announcements live

News 13:07, 16 Feb 2009

Know Your Mobile is at the Mobile World Conference LG press announcement. Click on refresh on your browser to see the latest news

Kings of Leon theme for the LG KC910 Renoir

Kings of Leon theme for the LG KC910 Renoir

Themes 15:52, 13 Feb 2009

Download this Kings of Leon theme for the LG KC910 Renoir, including album covers and a band photo

Bolt LG KU990 Viewty theme

Disney's Bolt theme for the LG KU990 Viewty

Themes 13:03, 13 Feb 2009

Download the Bolt theme for the LG KU990, featuring Bolt himself plus his buddy Rhino

LG solar powered phone being held

LG unveils solar powered handset

News 12:49, 13 Feb 2009

LG has unveiled a solar powered handset, giving three minutes call time from a ten minute solar charge

LG KS360 with Lost theme

Lost theme for the LG KS360

Themes 17:34, 10 Feb 2009

Lost series five has hit TV screens with a bump and we have an exclusive theme for the LG KS360 to go with it

LG KM330

LG KM330 revealed

News 06:10, 10 Feb 2009

LG has announced the KM330, a relatively budget music-focused phone

LG ARENA front angle

Details on the LG Arena

News 12:53, 9 Feb 2009

Ahead of next week's Mobile World Conference, LG has released information on its high-end touchscreen handset, the Arena.

BMW theme on LG KS360

Top 10 car wallpapers for the LG KS360

Themes 15:24, 5 Feb 2009

There's nothing quite like driving a supercar, and thanks to our friends at iMOTOR, we have 10 of the best as wallpapers for your LG KS360

LG KM900 arena

LG Arena KM900 details revealed

News 05:01, 5 Feb 2009

Details of the touchscreen LG KM900 Arena are now circulating online

LG KC910 Renoir with Lost theme on screen

Lost Theme for the LG KC910 Renoir

Themes 15:51, 2 Feb 2009

Series five of hit TV series Lost is underway, and now you can get the theme on your LG KC910 Renoir

LG KT520 vs Sony Ericsson T303

LG KT520 vs Sony Ericsson T303

News 17:07, 29 Jan 2009

These two slider phones (the LG KT520 and Sony Ericsson T303) both have their merits, but which will wing the crown of review of reviews?

LG VX9600

LG VX9600 Versa first sighting

News 05:03, 27 Jan 2009

The first pictures of the LG Versa, AKA the VX9600, have been leaked on the internet

Gossip Girl theme on LG KC910

Gossip Girl Theme for the LG KC910

Themes 14:52, 22 Jan 2009

To celebrate the second series of the hit girly series Gossip Girl, we've created a theme for the LG KC910 Renoir

LG KP500

LG develops noise cancellation technology

News 17:17, 8 Jan 2009

LG reveals it will be following Motorola by producing noise cancellation technology

LG watch phone gd910

LG shows off GD910 watch phone

News 15:06, 8 Jan 2009

LG has unveiled the GD910, a watch-style phone at the Consumer Electronics Show

Samsung Soul v LG KF600 Venus

Samsung Soul U900 vs LG KF600 Venus

News 12:57, 5 Jan 2009

When we checked out the Samsung Soul and LG’s KF600 Venus both reviews level pegged it with 3.5 stars a piece. But which handset wins a head-to-head?

LG KC780

Editing images on the LG KC780

User guides 16:46, 4 Jan 2009

You can take some great images with the 8-megapixel LG KC780 - and edit them too right on the phone. We show you how

LG KC780

Changing themes and wallpapers on the LG KC780

Themes 16:01, 4 Jan 2009

Give your LG KC780 a fresh new look and feel by swapping themes and wallpapers - we show you how to customise your phone

LG GD910

LG reveals wristwatch mobile phone

News 13:39, 2 Jan 2009

LG has designed a wristwatch-style touchscreen mobile phone with everything you'd expect from a modern handset including a camera and MP3 player

LG KP500 Cookie

Using widgets on the LG KP500 Cookie

User guides 10:20, 23 Dec 2008

With onscreen widgets you can use a range of neat applications directly from the LG KP500 Cookie's standby screen - we show you how