How to set a pattern lock on your LG Optimus L7

User guides 16:48, 23 Aug 2012

We explain how to set a pattern unlock on your LG Optimus L7

Your LG Optimus L7 is a powerful smartphone which allows users to play, work, shop and a whole lot more to boot and your device most probably contains all kinds of sensitive information. As well as containing all of your contacts, often there will be apps on your phone which contain your bank details, PayPal login, Amazon login and many other things that you wouldn't want an unsavoury person getting hold of.

Sure, you can pin lock your device, but often these pins are easy to figure out or a pain to punch in when you're on the hop, so LG has given you the option of using a ‘pattern lock', a unique series of swipes that will allow for greater security and we've put together a brief guide on how to get started.


  1. Touch the ‘Menu' icon
  2. Hit the ‘Apps' tab
  3. Press ‘Settings'
  4. Scroll down and choose ‘Lock screen'
  5. Tap ‘Select screen lock'
  6. Tap ‘Pattern'
  7. When prompted, enter the pattern you want to use
  8. Exit to the Homescreen
  9. You're done!



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