Setting up GPRS for browsing

Setup Matthew Haigh 15:17, 9 Mar 2007

Setting up the internet on your LG KG800 is easy, follow our instructions for ahsle free internet access

To be able to browse the internet from your Chocolate, you’ll need to set up an access profile first. This tells the phone how to make the connection to the net, which you’ll probably want to do through GPRS for speed and cost effectiveness (but do check how much your provider will be charging – this could be flat rate, or as much as £10 per megabyte).

Go to the main menu, then select browser (Figure 1), settings (Figure 2), profiles (Figure 3) (menu 7.4.1)

If you don’t have a profile, or you simply want to add a new one, then press Options, Add New (Figure 4). You’ll be prompted for a profile name, choose anything you like – though I’d recommend naming after the network that you are setting it up for (e.g. O2 WAP) (Figure 5)

You can configure your profile by selecting it in the profile list, pressing the Options softkey, then choosing Settings (Figure 6).

Set the bearer (which is the method of connecting to the internet) to be GPRS by choosing the bearer, GPRS menus (Figure 7).

Next, go to the GPRS settings (Figure 8). Fill in the correct APN (Figure 9), User ID (Figure 10) and Password (Figure 11) for your network.

Finally, back in the profiles menu choose your profile name, press the options softkey and select Activate to make this the one that you’ll be using by default.

To access our Internet Settings page click here

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