Document viewer - read PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your LG Shine

User guides 17:11, 4 Jun 2007

You can't just store Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text and PDF files on your LG Shine, you can view them too using the phone's Document viewer

Document viewer opens a range of file formats (files with the extensions .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .xls and .txt), and lets you zoom right into the documents to read them easily and comfortably.

First you have to upload your document to the LG Shine, via Bluetooth or using the supplied USB cable connected to your PC.

If you upload a file using Bluetooth, it'll automatically be placed in the Documents folder. If you upload a file via a USB connection, open the Shine as a drive from your My Computer folder (or the Finder on a Mac) and make sure you copy it into the Documents folder.

To view a document:

  • Open the main menu by pressing Menu in Standby mode.
  • Using the scroll bar, highlight My stuff and press OK (or just press 7)
  • Highlight Documents and press OK (or just press 4)
  • Highlight the document you want to open, and click the scroll bar to open the Document viewer

The document will open on screen at its full page height, which will probably be too small for you to read on the Shine's screen. The magnification of the document is displayed at the bottom of the page. To zoom in, click the scroll bar so that the magnifying glass disappears and 'In' and 'Out' commands will appear above the Shine's selection keys.

To zoom into a document, press In, and press Out to zoom out. Documents zoom in in increments of 20%.

You'll notice when you zoom in that a navigation box appears on the bottom left of the page, with the displayed area indicated by an orange box within the black outline of the whole page. You can scroll around the document using the scroll bar, and move left and right using the two small keys either side of the scroll bar.

If a document has more than one page, this is indicated on the bar at the bottom of the screen in the form x/y (to tell you you're on page x out of y pages). To scroll to the next page, just keep rolling the scroll bar downwards.

Text searches

One of the best features of the document viewer is the Search facility, which lets you search for words or phrases within documents.

With a document open, click Options, highlight Search and click OK (or just click 6 within the Options menu).

Enter the word or phrase you're looking for within the String field, using the keypad just as you would when writing a text.

If you want to perform a case sensitive search, scroll down using the scroll bar so the Case sensitive option (which reads Off by default) turns blue. Use the button to the right of the scroll bar to switch between Off and On, and then press OK.

The document will open with the first instance of your search term highlighted in grey. To move on to the next instance, click Next. After the last instance, a message will appear saying 'Search done' and you'll be returned to the document. There's no Previous button, unfortunately.

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