Transfer files to and from your LG Shine via USB

User guides 16:22, 4 Jun 2007

The LG Shine connects to your PC or Mac via USB cable, making it easy to transfer tunes, tones and data files

Using a USB connection cable, the LG Shine can connect to your PC or Mac as a storage device. This means you can store files on the phone's memory card to take to the office and back or to use on the phone.

To connnect the phone to your PC, simply attach one end of the supplied USB connection cable to the USB port in your computer, and the other to the slot on the right-hand side of your LG Shine (you'll have to remove the small cover to access the slot).

When you connect the cable, the Shine's screen will display the heading 'Mass storage' and the words 'Call and message are not available'. This means you won't be able to make or receive calls or texts on the phone while it's connected to your PC.

The phone will now be mounted on your PC or Mac as a disk drive. On a PC, click on the Start menu and open My Computer - the Shine will appear there as an external USB drive (usually alongside the letters E, F or G, depending on your configuration).

On a Mac, the drive will appear as a disk icon on your desktop and also in your Finder window.

Double-click on the drive's icon on either Mac or PC to see the phone's folder structure. This is the same as the My stuff section in the Main menu (click Menu from standby mode and highlight My stuff and click OK, or press 7).

You'll notice the following folders:

  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Others

To copy a file from phone to PC, simply open the relevant folder and drag and drop the file to your desktop.

To copy a file from PC to phone, drag and drop or copy the file into the relevant folder. If you put an image, video, sound or document file in the wrong folder, you might not be able to open it on the phone itself, assign it as a ringtone or use it as an ID Photo.

The folders accept the following formats:

  • Images - .jpg, .gif and .png
  • Sounds - MP3, AAC, AAC and AAC
  • Videos - 3GP
  • Documents - .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .xls and .txt. These can all be opened using the Shine's Document viewer.
  • Others - any other file formats. This folder can be used to transport files from one PC to the other using a USB connection or Bluetooth

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