LG G3 Review

Reviews 11:43, 25 Jul 2014

Should you consider the LG G3 as your next smartphone? We road-tests it to see what's what

LG G3 S Coming To UK, LG G3 LTE-A Is Not

News 12:14, 22 Jul 2014

LG has announced the G3 S will be coming to the UK but sadly the LTE-A version will not

LG G3 “Prime” Release Date 25 July

News 15:04, 21 Jul 2014

The LG G3 is here but it looks like LG has something BIGGER up its sleeve. Ladies and gents, meet the LG G3 Prime with Snapdragon 805

Nexus 6 vs. Nexus 5: What Changes Can We Expect?

Vs 14:13, 17 Jul 2014

The Nexus 5 was awesome, as was the Nexus 4. So, how will Google improve of the past with the Nexus 6?

LG G3 Beat Brings 5in Display And Laser AF Camera

News 11:14, 17 Jul 2014

LG has announced another version of its G3 smartphone under the name Beat

LG G Watch Review: Android Wear Makes A Solid Impact

Reviews 17:54, 16 Jul 2014

Android Wear is here! And we've been having a play with one of the first devices to carry it – the LG G Watch.

LG G2 vs LG G3

Vs 15:48, 11 Jul 2014

LG has unveiled the next version of its flagship device but what has changed?

LG G2 Review: LG Now Up There With The Best

Reviews 11:05, 7 Jul 2014

LG's 2013 flagship phone packs a powerful punch and boasts an unusual design, but is it better than the LG-made Nexus 5?

Nexus 6 Is Happening

News 12:23, 27 Jun 2014

The Nexus 6 is on the way after all, as Google's Android engineering chief confirms the brand will continue

Which Smartphone Has The Best Camera?

Features 15:21, 26 Jun 2014

We compare imaging technology and photo quality from every major flagship on the market

LG G3 Gets June 26 Release Date

News 14:20, 26 Jun 2014

LG looks to upstage Samsung with Q3/Q4 LG G3 flagship

LG G Watch Now On Google Play For £159

News 14:14, 26 Jun 2014

LG's G Watch has arrived on Google Play

LG G Watch Price & Release Date Revealed

News 12:19, 25 Jun 2014

The LG G Watch will land on July 7 with a price tag of £180. Pre-orders already available

Moto 360 Supports Wireless Charging

News 15:42, 24 Jun 2014

Motorola's forthcoming smartwatch will support Qi wireless charging, an FCC filing indicates

How To Take A Screenshot On The LG G3

User guides 15:21, 19 Jun 2014

We teach you how to screenshot using your LG G3

How To Use LG G3 Dual Window Feature

User guides 13:26, 19 Jun 2014

We teach you how to use one of the more exciting features on the LG G3

How To Hide LG G3 On Screen Keys

User guides 11:20, 19 Jun 2014

LG has dropped the hardware keys for the G3, here’s how to get rid of the on screen ones, too.

How To Set Up Guest Mode On LG G2, G2 Mini & LG G3

User guides 12:03, 12 Jun 2014

LG has introduced a Guest Mode feature on smartphones, here’s how to set it up

How To Use Knock On & Knock Code On LG G2, G2 Mini & LG G3

User guides 11:54, 12 Jun 2014

LG has introduced a unique new way to unlock its smartphones, here’s how to set it up

LG G3 Mini Rumours Surface, To Feature 4.5-Inch Display

News 11:21, 4 Jun 2014

The LG G3 is barely out of the gates but here are the first details of the G3 Mini