Get Your Bend On: It's The LG G Flex 2

News 12:05, 27 Feb 2015

LG has announced the curvy LG G Flex 2 at the CES 2015 conference in Las Vegas

LG G3 Review: A Flagship of EPIC Proportions

Reviews 16:25, 26 Feb 2015

Should you consider the LG G3 as your next smartphone? We road-tests it to see what's what

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3: 2014's Most Wanted Duke It Out

Vs 12:21, 26 Feb 2015

We check out how two Korean rivals compare - Samsung's Galaxy S5 and the new LG G3

The LG G4 COMETH! (Just Not Until Q2 2015)

News 16:01, 23 Feb 2015

The LG G4 has leaked with details of screen, camera, and processor specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4: Decisions, Decisions...

Vs 15:58, 23 Feb 2015

Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S6 is going to have hot competition from LG's G4 - time for a Korean showdown

OnePlus One vs Nexus 5: There Can Only Be ONE!

Vs 15:25, 18 Feb 2015

Has the OnePlus One stolen Google's affordable-yet-premium crown from the Nexus 5?

ARM Promises HUGE Performance BUMP With Cortex-A72

News 14:37, 4 Feb 2015

ARM reveals its newest processor and graphics chip architecture for 2016 phones and tablets

LG G3 vs OnePlus One: Two of 2014's Best Handsets Examined

Vs 14:44, 2 Feb 2015

The LG G3 and OnePlus One were two of 2014's BEST handsets. But which is the best overall?

LG Confirms Snapdragon 810 "Issues" Are FIXED

News 15:27, 29 Jan 2015

LG has admitted to encountering some initial problems with the Snapdragon 810 chip

Google Play Edition Program is DEAD Apparently

News 11:34, 26 Jan 2015

The Google Play Edition program of stock OEM flagships appears to have been given the chop

LG-Built Audi SmartWatch Shows Up At CES 2015

News 11:57, 8 Jan 2015

LG has another smartwatch in development and it looked fantastic being demoed by Audi at CES 2015

LG Logo

LG Shows Off Curved Display Galaxy Note EDGE-style Phone

News 14:54, 7 Jan 2015

LG has showcased a phone with curved display edges at a private CES 2015 meeting

LG G3 vs LG G2: Two INSANELY Great Handsets Compared

Vs 12:28, 22 Dec 2014

LG has unveiled the next version of its flagship device but what has changed?

LG G2 Review: One of The BEST Android's Money Can Buy

Reviews 11:44, 22 Dec 2014

LG's 2013 flagship phone packs a powerful punch and boasts an unusual design, but is it better than the LG-made Nexus 5?

LG G Flex 2 To Debut At CES 2015

News 11:44, 2 Dec 2014

LG’s second curved smartphone is rumoured to make a debut at CES 2015

Nexus 4 Android Lollipop Update NOW Live In Europe

News 14:53, 18 Nov 2014

European Nexus 4 owners finally get a taste of Lollipop

Android Wear "Lollipop Update" Detailed

News 13:53, 12 Nov 2014

Android Wear is getting its first update on October 15 to coincide with the launch of the Moto 360

LG G3 Android Lollipop Update Landing THIS WEEK

News 10:18, 10 Nov 2014

LG has confirmed it will begin updating its LG G3 handset to Android Lollipop later this week in parts of Europe

LG G4 Could Pack LG's Own, LTE-A Enabled Nuclun CPU

News 12:54, 29 Oct 2014

LG has announced its own made mobile processor as it’s expected to come on board next years follow up to the LG G3

LG G Watch R Is Coming To The UK In November

News 10:58, 24 Oct 2014

Pricing for the LG G Watch R has already leaked in Germany, meaning we can work out how much it’ll likely cost in the UK