SHUT UP, BONO! How To Remove U2's Album From iTunes

User guides 13:53, 2 Feb 2015

Annoyed about Apple forcing the new U2 album down your throat? There is now a simple trick that means you never have to see it again

Five Ways Apple Can Make iTunes COOL Again

News 12:22, 6 Jan 2015

As the traditional download market declines, we look at five ways Apple could revitalise its iTunes store

iTunes App For Android On The Cards, Apparently

News 12:29, 24 Mar 2014

Word on the street suggests Apple is looking at launching an Android iTunes application

Apple TV Tips & Tricks: Unlock Its TRUE Potential RIGHT NOW

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Useful, handy and unconventional tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Apple TV, courtesy of the wonderful people of Reddit

Comic book geeks have never had it so good

Blogs 11:45, 11 Sep 2013

There has never been a better time to be a comic book geek, says Luke Dormehl

iOS 7: Everything you need to know

News 21:34, 10 Jun 2013

Apple's Tim Cook reveals iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 - here's what it brings to the table

Google to launch Spotify music streaming rival today?

News 08:15, 15 May 2013

Google could be set to launch a music streaming service at Google I/O today to take on spotify

iPhone 5S to feature Beats music streaming service?

News 09:10, 6 Mar 2013

Tim Cook has been in conversations with Beats CEO Jimmy Lovine

Beats Audio launching iTunes-like music service with NIN's

News 11:53, 11 Jan 2013

Do we really need another iTunes-like music service? Beats Audio reckons so, and it’s even managed to rope in Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor to help

Google Music

Google Music now live, allowing you to buy music via Google

News 11:16, 13 Nov 2012

Google Music has gone live in the UK, meaning you can now buy music from Google Play, just like you can via iTunes

Xbox Music, Spotify or iTunes — which is the best for you?

Features 13:14, 16 Oct 2012

We take a look at Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Music service to see whether it’s got the chops to take on Spotify and iTunes

Microsoft’s Xbox Music goes live today

News 10:25, 16 Oct 2012

Microsoft’s Xbox Music, the company’s answer to iTunes, Spotify, et al, is available today on Xbox and will be coming to Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 at the end of the month

Microsoft’s Xbox Music landing October 26

News 16:59, 3 Oct 2012

Microsoft’s Spotify-like Xbox Music service will be available from October 26, complete with ad-supported freemium version


Microsoft’s Xbox Music pricing leaked, takes aim at Spotify

News 10:19, 27 Sep 2012

Pricing details for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Music service have leaked online

iPhone 5 launch live blog

News 16:54, 12 Sep 2012

We're live with all the news as it happens from the iPhone 5 launch

Apple takes home 77 per cent of mobile industry’s profits

News 10:12, 8 Aug 2012

Apple had an excellent second-quarter, taking home 77 per cent of the mobile industry’s profits, according to new research

Microsoft plans to destroy Spotify and iTunes with Xbox

News 12:08, 29 Jun 2012

Microsoft’s Xbox Music will be a truly expansive proposition that will feature Spotify-like streaming services as well as the option to buy tracks

Xbox Music

Xbox reveals Zune replacement

News 11:50, 6 Jun 2012

Microsoft has revealed Xbox Music, the replacement for the underrated Zune music service

Samsung Galaxy S3 review: First look

News 19:22, 1 Jun 2012

The wait is over and we’ve finally got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 — but was it worth the wait? Find out in our first-look review


Samsung’s Music Hub lacks finesse of Apple’s iTunes

News 14:13, 29 May 2012

Samsung’s wider ecosystem of products lack the homogenous cross-device experience of Apple’s, and this will affect the success its Music Hub service