Three Confirms It Will Sell Androids & iPhones Unlocked In The UK


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Three has begun selling its smartphones completely unlocked. It marks the first time a UK mobile phone network has allowed its phone to be sold unlocked without a charge. Usually you have to buy the phone locked to their network and then it will cost a fee to unlock the phone.

Three’s director of customer strategy, Danny Dixon, said, “We’d rather focus on making the services we offer attractive and useful rather than limiting what our customers can do with their phones. We’re confident in our network and want to provide the best experience to those that purchase their device from us.”

It comes after consumer group Which? launched a campaign for all the UK mobile networks to begin offering handsets unlocked. So far out of all the UK’s largest mobile networks only Three taken heed of the advice.

Three stated the situations when it may be useful for a customer to have an unlocked handset such as if a phone is donated to them or another network offers a more suitable service for their needs.

If you’re already a Three customer there’s even better news: Three will offer the opportunity to unlock your previously locked phone for free. All you need to do is use the company’s new Device Unlock service, simple.

Lets hope other mobile phone networks now sit up and take notice. Unlocking phones shouldn’t cost the consumer and hopefully the pressure from Three’s switch in policy will force the hands of O2, Vodafone and EE.

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