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Reviews Frances Edwards 17:31, 16 Sep 2009

We review Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre, an app that'll let you keep up with all the latest results

As every man (and potentially long suffering woman) up and down the country will know: the new Premier League football season is upon us.

Try as we might, however, not every Saturday can be spent slouched in front of the TV tracking every result, so the descriptively titled 'Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre' app is here to save us. The SSLFSS, as it will hereto be known, provides coverage of every match in England and Scotland and Europe's top leagues plus domestic and European Cups and International fixtures. That's a pretty big remit.

On top of this the SSLFSS can drill down into these fixtures to provide scores, text commentaries, league tables, match stats and even match photos, all live, as well as individual player profiles, team line-ups and formations. The latest news that day is also always accessible from the bottom row of app icons and a classic Vidi-printer scrolls horizontally along the bottom of the screen pointing out breaking developments.

Where SSLFSS also makes headway is the 'My Scores' section which allows users to add any fixture(s) they have interest in for easy reference. In addition, the whole app comes with the glossy presentation and stylish animations that demonstrate it has come from the bowels of the monstrous Sky Corporation.

So the SSLFSS is the perfect football app and saviour to women looking to get their men (or vice versa) out the house each weekend? Not quite, for despite all its outstanding polish there are a few notable and surprising omissions.

Key most amongst these is the simple option to select a favourite team so that the 'My Scores' section remembers your primary fixtures every week and doesn't require it to be added every single time. Secondly, for all its sparkle, navigation can be overly complex.

Something simple such as calling up the Premier League table, for example, requires digging down into the fixture list, selecting a fixture and then from there the league table becomes available. The fixture list itself is also restricted to just the next major round of matches so you can't plan ahead.

There is also no dedicated team page, which would be helpful in filtering out relevant news stories, fixtures, results and player statistics. In an ideal world SSLFSS would also make it possible to listen into the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show audio - something that Sky offers online, but not in the app.

These shortcomings are frustrating since (show audio aside) they are basic and SSLFSS gets all the hard bits right. As it stands, use iFooty for your day to day football fillip and save Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre for just the match days, which is where it truly excels.

Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre info

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Platform: Apple iPhone/iPodTouch

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: BSkyB

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