Extend Your Phone's Battery Life With These AWESOME Cases

Bests 13:30, 2 Dec 2015

Juice up your Android and iPhones with these battery cases

Future iPhones Will FLIP MID-AIR To Avoid Damage

News 15:05, 4 Dec 2014

Apple has been awarded a new patent to help iPhones land on their feet and protect sensitive components

Man Acquires Woman’s iPhone. Woman Gets Revenge With Selfies

Features 13:22, 3 Jan 2014

This man stole a woman's iPhone. What she did next will surprise you

iPhone and Android users will love BBM, says Lazaridis

News 13:50, 23 May 2013

BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis reckons BBM for iOS and Android will persuade users away from WhatsApp and iMessage

iPhone 5 budget manufacture will be split

News 15:59, 14 Mar 2013

Apple will split the iPhone 5 budget phone manufacturing between Foxconn and Pegatron according to an analyst

Nokia to split with Samsung

Nokia to scrap Samsung as supplier?

News 08:28, 19 Feb 2013

Nokia may be scrapping Samsung as a component supplier due to intellectual property concerns

Hidden control buttons in iOS 6.1 hint at music streaming

News 10:56, 5 Feb 2013

Apple might be working on a music streaming service according to hidden files within iOS 6.1

iPad Mini 2 rumours emerge

News 16:38, 4 Feb 2013

The iPad Mini 2 will feature a Retina display and dual-core processor and will debut alongside the iPad 5, reports claim

Apple patents cheap iPhone design with no Home button

News 10:02, 4 Feb 2013

Apple has filed a patent proposal for a plastic iPhone with no Home button

iPhone 6 will cost less than Samsung Galaxy S4

News 12:44, 31 Jan 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is arriving mid-April, but will cost more than the iPhone 6, according to reports

Pictures of plastic budget iPhone appear online

News 06:51, 29 Jan 2013

Pictures have leaked online showing Apple's forthcoming budget iPhone model and its plastic build

Leaked iPhone 5S and alleged iPhone 6 parts emerge online

News 16:21, 28 Jan 2013

Photos have leaked online allegedly showing speaker parts for Apple's next-gen iPhones - the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Samsung wins device shipping wars against Apple

News 07:45, 25 Jan 2013

Samsung shipped more phones than Apple in 2012, but total smartphones shipped hit 700 million

The challenges facing Apple’s iPhone in 2013

Features 12:56, 24 Jan 2013

Apple’s iPhone business faces big challenges in 2013 despite excellent Q4 results, says IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo

iPad 5 Render

iPhone 5 demand questioned again

News 08:35, 23 Jan 2013

The results of a new survey indicate iPhone buyers are opting for the cheaper models, leaving the iPhone 5 out in the cold

‘iPhone Math’ rumoured as 4.8-inch model arriving June

News 09:10, 21 Jan 2013

Apple working on 4.8-inch 'iPhone Math' for release in June alongside iPhone 5S, rumours say

Analyst claims iPhone demand remains 'robust'

News 11:16, 16 Jan 2013

Despite claims that Apple's iPhone sales are slowing one analyst asserts the handsets are still performing well

Analyst publishes predicted Apple 2013 roadmap

News 07:42, 16 Jan 2013

A prominent analyst has predicted two new iPhone handsets, a new iPad and a Retina-equipped iPad Mini for Q3 2013

Apple’s cheap iPhone is the rumour that just won’t quit

News 13:21, 15 Jan 2013

The rumours about Apple producing a cheap iPhone just won’t quit, and today we have another one for you — it’s going to be made from plastic

Low iPhone 5 demand causes Apple to reduce part orders

News 09:47, 14 Jan 2013

Apple's iPhone 5 sales have taken a dip due to rumours of a successor model, prompting a reduction in component orders