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The 5 Best Anti-Theft Apps For Your iPhone

Features 14:56, 16 Apr 2014

Worried about your phone getting stolen? Here's a handful of apps to help keep your property safe

Office For iPad: Now Cheaper With Office 365 Personal

News 11:57, 16 Apr 2014

Office for iPad is here but you'll have to pay to get the most out of it

Best To Worst: UK Video On Demand Apps For iPad

Features 16:44, 15 Apr 2014

Want it all and want it now? We check out the UK's best on demand TV apps

Chrome vs Safari: iOS Browser Showdown

Vs 17:36, 3 Apr 2014

Michael takes a look at how the iOS browsing experience on Safari compares to Google's Chrome

SITU Smart Food Scale: First Look

Features 15:05, 2 Apr 2014

The SITU Smart Food scale is the latest Smart Health gadget designed to help keep you in shape

Best iOS Games: What To Play On Your iPhone Or iPad

Features 12:51, 1 Apr 2014

Want some tasty gaming treats for your iPhone or iPad? Here’s our pick

UK Energy Apps Reviewed & Rated

Features 15:42, 31 Mar 2014

Managing your energy bills is now easier than ever as it can all be done from your smartphone or tablet - but which is the best app?

New BBC iPlayer To Champion New Talent, Original Shows

News 14:49, 11 Mar 2014

BBC’s online streaming platform is undergoing some major changes in the next few months

Facebook Just Spent A LOT of Money On Whatsapp

News 11:19, 20 Feb 2014

Facebook now owns 79% of the IM market following its $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp

UK Bank Apps: The Good, The Bad And The Downright Useless

Features 15:26, 7 Feb 2014

All the UK’s major banking applications rated from best to worst


Twitter Lost £396m In 2013

News 11:11, 6 Feb 2014

Just three months after joining the New York Stock Exchange the company has announced a mammoth loss

Facebook: A Brief History Of Your Timeline

Features 17:28, 4 Feb 2014

Facebook turns 10 today, but what has it looked like throughout the ages?

Facebook’s “Paper” Coming To iPhone's Next Month

News 10:34, 31 Jan 2014

Facebook is gearing up to launch a news reader app to rival Flipboard next month

The Simpsons Top 7 Technology Spoofs

Features 17:02, 27 Jan 2014

As The Simpsons take on Google Glass we look at the best technology parodies in the show's quarter century history

Google Play Movies & TV Comes To iPhone & iPad

News 11:32, 16 Jan 2014

Google has released its Play Movies & TV app for Apple's iOS

Confide for iPhone brings Burn After Reading SMS security

News 15:40, 9 Jan 2014

Confide, a new iOS temporary messaging app, sends self destructing messages in a similar way to Snapchat

BBc iPlayer

BBC iPlayer most popular on tablets, unlucky PCs

News 14:56, 8 Jan 2014

iPlayer statistics reveal that more viewers watched on tablets than desktops for the first time ever

Apple App Store

Apple App Store customers spent $10 billion in 2013

News 15:42, 7 Jan 2014

Apple’s App Store broke records in 2013 and made $1 billion in December alone

How to delete EVERYTHING you’ve ever done on Facebook

News 12:10, 3 Jan 2014

A new report details how you can delete everything you’ve ever done on Facebook (Note: it’s not easy)

"Better call Saul" coming to Netflix UK

News 12:21, 17 Dec 2013

Netflix have got the rights to stream Better Call Saul a few hours after US viewers