HTC One destroys Nexus 4 in benchmark test

News Richard Goodwin 07:30, 20 Feb 2013

Qualcomm’s 600 Snapdragon processor has made a good first impression inside the HTC One. Initial benchmarks are - quite literally - off the charts

Initial benchmarks for the HTC One are off the charts, according to reports. 

The HTC One is the first smartphone in the UK to run Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600 mobile processor - a chipset Qualcomm says is 40 percent faster than its S4 Pro. 

It’s a bold claim but initial benchmarks taken at the HTC One’s launch event by SlashGear (see table above) seem to confirm Qualcomm’s claims - the 600 is a monster.  

‘Using the standard Quadrant Benchmark test here we’re finding that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor is blowing up the charts, destroying the previous high-mark in the basic readout by more than double,’ reports SlashGear. 

A lot of the handsets listed in Quadrant are older devices like the HTC One X, Asus Transformer Prime TF201, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But with a score of 12,417 it really doesn’t matter: nothing else - new or old - has ever got anywhere near that level before. 

Case in point: Google’s Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered Nexus 4 scored just over 5,000 in the same test. That’s quite a performance gap given the space between the launch of Qualcomm’s S4 Pro and 600 Snapdragon - it's less than a year FYI. 

‘Comparing the individual markers inside the total you’ll find a CPU score of 37,304, Memory at 10,922, and I/O at a staggering 10,566. Those are massive scores, on all accounts. The Nexus 4 comes in at CPU: 10,687, Mem: 7,612, and I/O: 4,340 if you’d like to know,’ added SlashGear. 

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600 mobile processor features the company’s custom built quad-core Krait 300 CPU - clocked at 1.7GHz inside the HTC One -, an Adreno 320 GPU, and faster LPDDR3 RAM. The overall effect is a massive uplift in performance, as evidenced in the HTC One’s initial benchmarks. 

The HTC One will be released in the UK at the beginning of March. Check our our hands-on with the HTC One live from HTC’s London launch event yesterday. 

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