HTC One X updated to Android Jelly Bean

News Richard Goodwin 10:28, 30 Nov 2012

Android Jelly Bean is finally being rolled out to HTC One X handsets in Europe and the UK


After months of waiting, Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1) is now rolling out to HTC One X handsets in the UK and parts of Europe. 

Users in Asia, Europe and South America are reporting that the update is available for unlocked HTC One X phones (CID_038 & CID_044), according to Android And Me

The update, which brings project butter and Google Now into the fray, is one of the biggest platform updates issued by the search giant. Still it’s not the latest build, Android 4.2 is now in the wild and available on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7. 

The update, which includes support for HTC’s Sense UI 4+, comes in two parts: a small 1.25-1.6 MB file followed by the main 357-364 MB Android 4.1 update.

Network-branded One X devices will, of course, be forced to wait for an as-yet-undisclosed time for their update. Networks like to test Google’s Android platform and pack it full of bloatware before signing off on it and pushing it out to their customers. 

Not had the update through yet? Try pinging HTC’s servers by going to Settings, then About, then Software Updates, then Check Now


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