Sony Xperia U vs HTC One V

Vs Paul Briden 15:18, 14 Mar 2012

We pitch the Ice Cream Sandwich-toting HTC One V against Sony's Xperia U - Sony's low-end Xperia device

It's a battle of entry-level Android Ice Cream Sandwich handsets this time as HTC's One V takes on the Sony Xperia U.

Sony Xperia U - 112x54x12mm, 110g
HTC One V - 120.3x59.7x9.2mm, 115g

Sony's Xperia U is a bit of an oddball. On the one hand, it has all the usual Sony finesse we expect to see, the company is generally pretty good at designing nice-looking handsets and although the new range of Xperia phones is a little bit different you can still see plenty of that swanky Xperia styling coming through and it's all the better for it.

However, because the Xperia U is intended as the lowest-priced model in the new Xperia line-up the materials used aren't quite as nice as those found on its stable-mates.

It's still solidly put together, we wouldn't be worried about it falling apart, but you lose that ‘premium' feel you get with the Xperia S.

The Xperia S shares much of its design with the other Xperia phones and part of this includes a transparent bar at the bottom of the device which looks very interesting indeed.

However, unlike the other Xperia S and Xperia P handsets this one actually contains LED lights which can be configured to come on during certain phone functions and you can choose the colour.

Beneath this is an interchangeable ‘cap' and you can get them in black or white, which is fine as it blends in with the black or white bodywork depending on which handset colour you choose, but there are also horrendous bright yellow or pink variants which don't compliment the phone at all.

The whole thing is a bit hit or miss because, if you have a white cap on a white phone with a blue light, for example, it looks rather tasteful, but a bright pink cap with a turquoise light on a black phone is eye-scorchingly hideous and takes away any elegance the phone might otherwise have.

In short, be careful what configuration you choose, otherwise you'll have the phone equivalent of the worst kind of body-kitted and luminescent Citroen Saxo with nasty neons.

The HTC One V is perhaps the least attractive of HTC's One range, again it's the cheaper option but never let it be said cheap phones have to be ugly.

While the other HTC One models have put plenty of admirable distance between themselves and HTC's generic, repetitive phone designs the One V seems to be a step backwards and actively embraces everything we were bored with.

This means you get a distinctly rectangular shape but with heavily rounded corners and edges, giving a bubbly appearance. It's also got a feature which we were not missing from some of HTC's older models, that is the slight chin which juts out at the bottom and doesn't do anything to help the already poor aesthetic.

We might have reservations about Sony giving its customers the option to make a retina-searing nightmare, and lets face it, people who sit playing music on the back seats of buses would probably love nothing more than to assault our eyes as well as our ears with their awful, awful taste, but overall the Xperia U is a much better looking phone than the HTC One V.

Winner  - Sony Xperia U

The Xperia U is fitted with a 3.5-inch LED-backlit capacitive LCD touchscreen , complete with 4-finger multi-touch, scratch-resistant glass, a 480x854 pixel resolution and a pixel density 280 pixels-per-inch (ppi), which, for  a lower-priced handset is very good indeed.

HTC's One V has a slightly larger display at 3.7-inches and an 800x480 pixel resolution giving a pixel density slightly under its opponent but still punching in the decent display category at 252ppi.

We can't really fault either display, they may not be scraping near the iPhone 4S's 330ppi like many other premium Android devices, but then, as we mentioned these are not top of the line phones and for them to be putting out this quality is impressive.

Winner - Draw

This round is short, sharp and to the point because both phones have 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM.

The main difference is that the HTC One V has a micro SD slot and can support up to 32GB of additional space on cards, where the Sony Xperia U has no such luxury.

That little bonus wins it for HTC.

Winner - HTC One V

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