HTC Nexus Edition getting Android 4.3 update in July

News Paul Briden 12:15, 3 Jun 2013

The HTC Nexus Edition could herald the arrival of Android 4.3 by July

The soon-to-be-released HTC One Nexus Edition could get the new version of Android – 4.3 Jelly Bean – within a ‘few weeks’, according to reports.

Twitter-based HTC ROM developer LlabTooFeR posted a Tweet to the social networking site which reads as follows:

‘Confirmed: HTC One Nexus Edition will get 4.3 update few weeks after release.’

That release is pegged for June 26 in the US. It’s thought Google and HTC will be bringing the handset to a wider global rollout afterwards but there’s not a lot of information to go on for now. But, importantly, a ‘few weeks’ after that launch date would put us firmly in July.

Previous rumours and leaks have suggested Android 4.3 would launch by August at the very latest, but if this latest information holds true there’s a chance we might not even have to wait that long.

Google has said it will keep Nexus branded devices, including the HTC One Nexus Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition – which both launch on the same day – up-to-date with the latest Android builds, meaning users won’t have to wait for carriers and manufacturers to approve them before they roll out.

It’s not known exactly what features Android 4.3 might introduce, but rumours suggest more power-friendly Bluetooth capabilities and new graphical support for OpenGL. All of that is very back end-y though and we expect there will be something juicier for users to sink their teeth into. 

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