HTC HD2 Leo lacks universal multi-touch

News Andrew Williams 16:46, 25 Sep 2009

The HTC HD2 won't let you use the commonplace 'pinch' zoom technique in its browser - whether it's down to the device or Windows Mobile 6.5

We may have just written about the highly anticipated HTC Leo Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, but another detail about the device has just arisen – that it won’t support multi-touch throughout.

Having gotten used to the ease of zooming in and out of Internet pages with the iPhone and the many Android devices that we’ve had a chance to check out in the last few months, it's a surprise that apparently the HTC HD2 doesn’t let you use the touchscreen’s multi-touch functionality throughout.

Pocketnow has reported that multi-touch doesn’t work in the phone’s Internet browser, Pocket Internet Explorer. Of course, since we’ve not yet had a look at a substantial number of Windows Mobile 6.5 phones, it’s not clear whether this is a problem with the phone or the OS. However, we do know that the HTC HD2 does support multi-touch within native HTC apps, which suggests that the truth is nearer the latter.

This will most likely mean you’ll have to double-tap to zoom in within the browser. Yes, it’s a small concession to make, but one that will take a little getting used to for those thinking of moving from a capacitive touchscreen smartphone to the HTC HD2.

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