How to factory reset the HTC 8S

User guides 13:59, 18 Jan 2013

We show you how to factory reset your HTC 8S

The HTC Windows Phone 8S is one of the newest Windows Mobile devices on the market and combines high-end hardware from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC with the super user-friendly OS from Microsoft. 

These devices are very easy to use, with the user interface based around a serious of tiles, and even the biggest technophobe would find getting to grips with a Windows Phone 8S a doddle. 

It’s very unlikely that you’ll encounter any problems, but should your device freeze and refuse to turn back on, there’s a way to ‘hard reset’ the device. It will wipe all data from the phone but should get it back to a useable state. Here’s how you do it:

NOTE – If possible back-up your media before you take these steps, because you’ll lose everything when your device formats

Make sure it had a full battery before you start. If it powers off during the reset, it could damage the device irreparably. We recommend charging the device for a few hours before performing the reset.

  • Make sure the phone is powered off completely
  • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button
  • Tap the POWER button while still holding the VOLUME DOWN button
  • When an icon appears on the screen, release the VOLUME DOWN button
  • Press the following buttons in this exact sequence:
  • You phone will now restart and perform a reset. It may take several minutes and restart more than once. Do not disturb it while it performs these processes. 




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