How to root the HTC Desire

User guides 10:47, 15 Jun 2010

We show you how to access the HTC Desire's Root directory so you can install custom themes, apps and firmware

The HTC Desire can be rooted, allowing you to gain direct access to the smartphone's file system.

It enables you to modify the phone’s firmware to install custom themes, apps and custom operating systems/ROMs.

Disclaimer: While root access is easily achieved, it can void your warranty and have negative effects on the operation of your phone. We recommend that you do the necessary research on root access before you attempt the above as you could cause damage to your handset.

What you'll need:

  • a Windows PC, Linux PC (a liveCD should do) or Mac OS X PC
  • a Linux (a liveCD should do) or OSX machine
  • a microUSB cable
  • a microSD card (to be made into a 'goldcard')

Required files:

  • The 'test ruu' - DOWNLOAD / MIRROR - MD5: f1981b26b90b97aea395d2b30909a23f
  • The 'push files' - DOWNLOAD / MIRROR- MD5: 9ee301b702078dd1842bd1c67e552f6e
  • The 'rooted update' - DOWNLOAD / MIRROR - MD5: 44f2614452ddf777cab9115e2174a91a


  • First, ensure you have backed up all the data on your HTC Desire - rooting your phone will wipe all data from the device.
  • Make your microSD card into a goldcard by following these instructions
  • Copy the 'rooted update' you downloaded above to the root directory of your SD card, then insert it into your Desire.
  • Turn off your phone, then turn it back on with the 'back' button held down. You'll see 'FASTBOOT' written on the screen in a red box.
  • Connect the phone to your computer, then run the 'test ruu' that you downloaded above (it may take a short while to start). Let the update complete and turn your device off as soon as it reaches the configuration wizard. If you need USB drivers, you can find them as part of the HTC Sync install.
  • Your device should now be off. Unplug the device from your computer. Turn it on again while holding down the 'volume down' button this time. The screen will look similar to before, but will say 'HBOOT' instead of 'FASTBOOT'. Use the volume buttons and the power button to select the 'RECOVERY' option. You should then see a screen with a red triangle - at this point, plug it into your Linux or OSX computer.
  • Now you need to unzip the 'push files' zip that you downloaded above. When you have done so, you'll see a file called '' or ''. Run the one appropriate to your operating system and the screen of your device should change to display the green recovery image menu.
  • In the recovery image (moving around using the optical trackball), select 'Wipe -> Wipe data /factory reset' then 'Flash zip from sdcard' and choose the rooted update. Confirm with the trackball and the update process will begin. It'll take a little while, so go make a nice cup of tea.
  • When the flash has finished, reboot, and you are DONE!

Source: MoDaCo

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