Mystery HTC tablet leaks online

News Paul Briden 10:13, 29 Aug 2012

Leaks suggest HTC is preparing a tablet pegged to launch shortly

Pictures of an unusually proportioned tablet bearing the HTC logo have leaked online.

The pictures leaked on Twitter via the account EVleaks.

The tablet appears to have a similar design style to HTC’s current range of ‘One’ branded smartphones with what appears to be an elegantly contoured polycarbonate shell coloured in white. A shot of the back clearly shows a metallic HTC logo while a side shot makes it look very thin indeed.

The slate seems to be buttonless for the most part, although there is a small black dot in the centre of the large bottom ‘grip panel’ which may be a home button, a camera, or something else we haven’t considered – there’s also one in a similar location on the back which leads us to believe both are probably cameras.

The large display is surrounded by a black bezel and has a widescreen aspect ratio, there’s a small strip of white bodywork around the top and side edges but the bottom features a very large panel giving a top-heavy appearance to the screen positioning and a bottom-heavy appearance to the outer shell.

We can’t be sure how big the device is from these shots but it does seem to be on the larger side and could be 11-inches or bigger.

Lastly, there’s a shot of the tablet sitting in a dock, giving it the appearance of a computer monitor or TV.

In terms of the software we can see a shot of a mailbox in portrait orientation which looks like Gmail and a camera interface with some similarity to Android. Another shot shows what looks like an Android homescreen running what may be an updated version of HTC's Sense interface.

We have no details whatsoever of possible specs but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how HTC plays this one considering its last slate to be released in the UK, the HTC Flyer, was badly received by critics and consumers alike.

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