HTC designs Android-powered iPod rival

News 10:41, 28 Mar 2012

HTC has come up with a new Android media player to take on Apple's iPod Touch

HTC has sketched out a patent of a new Android device which could compete directly with Apple's iPod Touch music and multimedia player.

According to Phandroid the patent was actually filed way back at the beginning of 2011 and apparently details a Wi-Fi only device with what looks like a sizeable 4-inch(ish) touchscreen, a very angular back panel, a ‘kickstand' and some novel slide-out front and rear speakers.

Considering Google is currently pushing its own multimedia platform capabilities, with a re-design of Android Market as Google Play, continued talk of a Google Music service and more besides, it seems like a sensible time to introduce such a device.

But, considering the iPod's entrenchment in the market, and a shrinking market at that if year-on-year sales figures are anything to go by, it's always going to be a risky manoeuvre.

Certainly it'll provide an attractive alternative to those who aren't interested in Apple's ecosystem and have avoided an iPod for so long, but we reckon it'll really sink or swim on what kind of services Google and HTC put in place.

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