HTC Titan II vs Nokia Lumia 900

Vs Paul Briden 14:27, 10 Jan 2012

Nokia's Lumia 900 takes on HTC's brand new Titan II

We compare two freshly announced Windows smartphones with the Nokia Lumia 900 facing off against HTC’s Titan II.

HTC Titan II - 132x69x13mm, 147g

Nokia Lumia 900 - 127.8x68.5x11.5mm, 160g

Regular readers will probably be familiar with our feelings on HTC’s consistent design approach.

That is, we don’t much care for all the near-identical looking clones with slightly different innards the Taiwanese manufacturer continually churns out.

For HTC, the Titan II does look good, but that's not really saying much as, against most of the more diverse and interesting looking competition on the market, it's simply far too bland and does not stand out at all. We yearn for a change from HTC and with the Titan II we are still left wanting.

Nokia, on the other hand, has a bit of a rep round here for producing devices with a bit of energy, style and class to them.

You’ll usually get something at least interesting to look at from Nokia and, although it is essentially a sized-up N9 or Lumia 800, the Lumia 900 is far more interesting than HTC’s generic profile.

You won’t find softly curving corners here, instead things are tapered and angular with sharp edges and striking lines. We approve.

Nokia easily takes the Form category with its bold design.

Winner – Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia’s first Lumia model, the Lumia 800, wowed us with its incredibly sharp, bright and colourful AMOLED display, which also featured Nokia’s ClearBlack technology.

However, we did find the screen a little on the small side at 3.7-inches. The Lumia 900, being the larger cousin to the Lumia 800, has a much larger screen this time around at 4.3-iches.

The resolution is the same 800x480 pixels as its smaller stable-mate and consequently the pixel density is a little lower at 217 pixels-per-inch (PPI), but this is still better than its opponent's offering and should give decently crisp images and video.

Gorilla Glass has been used here so it’ll be quite resilient and it features multi-touch support.

The Titan II has a suitably big touchscreen at 4.7-inches. Again the resolution is 800x480 pixels and again this means the pixel density takes a hit down to 199PPI.

It supports multi-touch and uses Sony’s S-LCD technology, which is similar to Samsung’s AMOLED in offering enhanced brightness, colour and power efficiency.

Although it has to be said it’s generally not quite as good as AMOLED at pushing out such sharp pictures, in our experience.

Essentially, the Titan II’s display setup is pretty much identical to its predecessor, the original Titan.

We have to side with Nokia on this one, the Lumia 900 will provide a much more vivid picture.

Winner – Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia’s Lumia 900 has the same memory setup as its predecessor, which means 16GB of internal storage and no card slot, along with 512MB of RAM to boost processing tasks.

Likewise the Titan II has the same setup as the original Titan, which incidentally is also the same as the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 smartphones.

This one’s a draw then.

Winner - Draw

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