Android Gingerbread confirmed for HTC Desire at Three

News Richard Goodwin 10:07, 14 Apr 2011

Three Mobile has confirmed that it will be pushing out Android Gingerbread for to its HTC Desire users in mid-May

Three Mobile has confirmed yet more good news. This time it’s that it will be pushing out Android 2.3 (AKA Gingerbread) in mid-May to its HTC Desire users.

The HTC Desire, arguably one of the most solid smartphones ever, is still fighting fit. You’d be hard pressed to walk 300 yards without seeing one being used in a city, and it’s only set to get better with the update to Android 2.3.

Three confirmed the news via Twitter.

This is good news for Desire users on Three and also should be taken as evidence that the Desire will be getting updated across all UK networks – although exactly when this will happen though remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, Three has set the ball in motion and this means that other UK networks will inevitably have to follow suit.

Android 2.3, although not that much different in looks to Froyo, does bring quite a bit to the table.

The bulk of the update is concerned with speed and power optimisations, so you’ll get more out of your device for less, which is always a good thing.

There’s a few UI tweaks and features here and there, such as the Downloads application where you can see all your most recent downloads.

Overall though, Android 2.3 is a performance boaster and one that the HTC Desire will benefit from immensely. We’re really chuffed about this news and, if you’re a Desire user on Three, so should you be too.

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