HTC Pyramid confirmed in UK as HTC Sensation, says source

News Richard Goodwin 10:12, 7 Apr 2011

The almost mythical HTC Pyramid has been confirmed as the HTC Sensation in the UK, according to reports

The HTC Pyramid, the much talked about HTC superphone, has been confirmed as the HTC Sensation in the UK, according to reports.

The news comes via Pocket-Lint who claims its source has confirmed that the HTC Pyramid will be released in the UK and will be known as the HTC Sensation.

There’s a HTC briefing next week and a lot of experts feel that this will be the event at which HTC unveils the HTC Sensation officially in the UK.

So far, there’s been no confirmation from HTC of whether Pocket-Lint’s source is correct, but there’s definitely a press event and we’re going – so there’s not long to wait either way.

Specs wise, the HTC Sensation will be HTC’s first dual core-powered smartphone to hit the UK.

We’ve been waiting for something big from HTC for quite sometime now, especially after its lukewarm early-2011 range of devices.

Other rumoured specs for the HTC Sensation are a 4.3-inch qHD display, Android 2.3.3, microSD support, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video capture.

In terms of a release date for the HTC Sensation, not much is known as yet and HTC is remaining extremely tight-lipped about the whole thing – although this is quite understandable.

Nevertheless, if the device is being confirmed next week we’d expect to see the HTC Sensation hitting the shops late May early-June time.

We’re also hoping HTC will confirm the HTC EVO 3D for the UK as well at next week’s event as there’s been a lot of rumblings online about a UK release date for HTC’s first glasses-free 3D device.

Ah well, there’s not long to wait now – so be sure to keep checking back next week for more information on the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D.

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