HP exec brands Surface RT unresponsive and ‘kludgey’

News Richard Goodwin 13:24, 15 Nov 2012

HP’s head of PC isn’t impressed by Microsoft’s Surface RT, which he described as slow and a little kludgey

HP’s head of PC, Todd Bradley, doesn’t feel threatened by Microsoft’s first foray into the hybrid tablet space, describing its Surface RT slate as slow, unresponsive, and a little bit kludgey when you use it. 

Speaking to IDG Enterprise, Bradley stated that he’d ‘hardly call the Surface competition, it tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it.’ 

But that’s not – HP’s head of PC also said the Surface RT is ‘expensive’ and alleged that the press had ‘made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe.’

Back in August, another HP exec said that Surface was Microsoft's way of making a leadership statement and showing what's possible in the tablet space, reports The Verge.

The Surface RT is only available via Microsoft and although initial sales seemed to be good, the company’s CEO Steve Ballmer has now confirmed that actual figures are modest at best

It’s this limited release and low sales figures that make Bradley think Microsoft isn’t making a big play with the Surface RT, suggesting that it is more of a reference device – one that OEMs’ can use as a benchmark for their designs, if you will. 

Bradley also said he wasn’t a big fan of Windows RT, either. So don't expect to see any Windows RT-powered HP tablets anytime soon despite the company’s renewed interest in the consumer tablet space. 

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