Get a Nexus 7 for £50 from The Times

News Richard Goodwin 13:53, 4 Dec 2012

The Times is offering heavily subsidised 32GB Nexus 7 tablets to anyone that signs-up to for a digital subscription to the paper

Signup for an 18 month subscription to The Times newspaper and get a 32GB Nexus 7 for just £50. That’s a saving of around £149 – but at a cost of £17.33 is it actually worth it? 

The Times is one of the only UK publications that placed its digital content behind a pay wall, a move that is reported to have cost the paper four million readers. In a bid to win back some of those readers, the paper is now offering Google’s hugely popular Nexus 7 slate for just £50. 

Over the course of the 18 months, the deal will set you back £311.94 plus the £50 charge for the slate, which clocks in at £361.94 in total. Depending on how you look at it that’s quite a proposition. Not only do you get a 32GB Nexus 7 but you also get access to one of the UK’s most respected newspapers. 

Of course you can now pick up a 32GB Nexus 7 for less that £200 and read your news online for free via a selection of websites, potentially saving yourself £111.94. But it’s an interesting idea all the same. And if it does turn out to be a success you can expect plenty of other publishers to offer similar deals.

German newspaper Die Tageszeitung has had a similar offer on market for a few months. Lauded as ‘the future of newspaper reading’ by the German publisher, initial downloads are said to be in the region of 14,000 with the average user rating the experience 4.1 out of 5. 

Will News Corps’ Nexus 7 play encourage more people to subscribe to The Times? Or is this just a desperate ploy by the company to regain some of the 4 million readers it lost when it decided to place The Times behind a paywall?  

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