Nexus 10 vs Nexus 7

Vs Paul Briden 12:50, 14 Nov 2012

Is it better to have the smaller and more portable Nexus 7 or the larger and more powerful Nexus 10? We find out

We take a look at which of the Google Nexus tablets is better.


Nexus 10 - 263.8x177.8x8.9mm, 603g

Nexus 7 - 198.5x120x10.5mm, 340g

Google’s Nexus devices are a bit peculiar when you compare them to equivalent ranges from companies such as, say, Apple.

That’s because each one is quite different from the last design-wise, but this is probably at least partly because Google has different manufacturers make each device.

As a result, the Nexus 7 looks nothing like the Nexus 10.

It’s not just about size either, the former is more squared-off and angular, has more phone-like proportions in terms of length-to-width ratio and it has a textured back panel for better grip.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 10 has very curvy corners and even sports unusual curved edges, while the finish on the back panel is smooth.

Both tablets are well-built, they feel quite robust in the hand but the Nexus 7 does seem to have a slight edge with a metallic bezel and a generally more solid fit and finish.

The portability is also a key point, the size of the Nexus 7 is spot-on for carrying it round while commuting, it’ll even fit in some pockets and the screen size is still ideal for multimedia, e-books and browsing.

While the Nexus 10’s larger size makes it better for these roles in the home or office, taking it out and about can be something of a chore.

We have to put the Nexus 7 forward as our choice here.

Winner – Nexus 7


The Nexus 7 has a 7-inch IPS LCD display with a 1280x800 pixel resolution, a pixel density of 216 pixels-per-inch (ppi) and Corning Gorilla Glass reinforcement.

While the picture quality is reasonably sharp the brightness isn’t the best, colours are a little dull and generally things have a tendency to look washed out.

Some of those criticisms could equally be levelled at the Nexus 10’s display compared to other tablets on the market, but compared to the Nexus 7 it is much more impressive.

In particular, the resolution clocks in at 2560x1600 pixels and 300ppi, so it’s one of the sharpest tablet displays on the market and even outclasses many smartphone screens.

Winner – Nexus 10


Both devices have the same 16GB or 32GB options for internal storage and no MicroSD capability at all.

Winner – Draw

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