Nexus 7 2 (2013) 'bug fix' update on the way

News Clare Hopping 17:35, 22 Aug 2013

The Nexus 7 2 (2013) flaws experienced by some users has been addressed with update JSS15Q

Google has an update for the Nexus 7 in the pipeline that aims to fix problems relating to its display. 

Google community manager Paul Wilcox posted on Google's user forum:

'This update does address the touchscreen issues discussed in this thread. If you’re one of the people experiencing touchscreen issues, please let us know how it’s going after you’ve received and installed the update.'

However, no one on the forum seems to have received the update yet so we can't report whether it has fixed the issues as yet.

Last week, many Nexus 7 2 (2013) users were reporting they were experiencing problems with the screen. One issue saw the device registering single taps as doubletaps.

A number of users complained in Google Product Forums.

Jason L said, 'I picked up my new N7 on Friday. At first the keyboard seemed okay, though it would occasionally register double presses on the keyboard.  Now it has gotten progressively worse and the keyboard getting very erratic.  It is frequently registering double taps, and often ghost taps in areas not anywhere near where I'm touching on the keyboard.  It's almost to the point where it is unusable. Is this a hardware issue and should I try and exchange it, or is this a firmware issue that is known and will be fixed?'

Another forum user responded, 'I have the same issue. Along with this, I have had multitouch issues (pinching to zoom in apps like Maps, etc). I've used some touchscreen test apps and "ghost" touches would appear randomly.'

Paul, at Google responded to the complaints and said the best solution is to start your Nexus 7 2 (2013) in safe mode to test if any apps are the problem. If you don't experience the problem after doing this, then it's pretty likely it's an app causing the issue.

Following Paul's response, a number of people still said they were having the problem, albeit less frequently.

After a couple of days' use, Jason L said, 'Safe mode did not fix the issue, it is now as bad as before. It is particularly pronounced in filling out forms in chrome and other apps, and most annoying when trying to enter masked passwords.

Users are also reporting problems with the Nexus 7 2's GPS signal, reporting it drops out after 10 or 30 minutes' use.

According to one owner, who voiced concerns on Google's forum, the GPS signal will get a satellite lock and work fine for between 10 and 30 minutes, but it will then drop out and return to searching mode.

James Skivers said, 'After doing my own troubleshooting, factory defaulting my device, then returning/exchanging my device with the reseller... I reached out to Google Play Support for help and they stated that they are aware of the issue, that it was affecting N7 owners, and that engineering should be issuing a patch fix at some point... they were very vague on any details when asked for clarification.'

Ed Kirstein then chipped in, saying 'Yes, mine goes out in 2 or 3 minutes. I reset to factory new and find that it works until the apps get updated (including maps and earth and others) and then it goes flakey.  So, maybe they broke it with the last update.  I'm trying to decide whether to return it or wait since gps is one of the main reasons I bought it.  Maybe a samsung note 8 might be better (at almost twice the price).'

Kirstein then went on to install the GPS Test app, cleared the AGPS and update GPS. After rebooting, he got a fix in nine seconds, which remained for a couple of hours.

Paul at Google then said the company was looking into the problem. The Nexus 7 2 (2013) was launched a couple of weeks ago, sporting a higher resolution screen and rocking Android 4.3. Yet to launch in the UK, the Nexus 7 will get its UK release date on August 28.

Let's hope Google can get those GPS problems sorted before it lands on our shores.

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