Best apps for the Nexus 4

Features Damien McFerran 08:38, 26 Dec 2012

Check out our top five downloads for your brand new Nexus 4

So you've had your Nexus 4 for a few days and had chance to mess about with the settings, surf the web and play a few games of Angry Birds in-between meetings, but what about applications? What are the five must-have downloads right at this moment in time, you may wonder to yourself? Spend no more time mulling it over in your head - we're here to assist.

Dropbox (free)

If you've picked up the cheaper 8GB model of the Nexus 4 then you're no doubt already wondering just how far that small amount of internal storage is going to go - especially when you consider that you can't use MicroSD cards with the phone. Mercifully, there are plenty of options available to add a little more space - and cloud storage service Dropbox is arguably the best.

You can store just about anything and access it from your phone, PC or any other online-enabled device. It's a great system for sharing files with friends, or simply storing items that you demand 24/7 access to, but don't want clogging up your phone's precious internal storage.

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Instagram (free)

Don't let the recent furore surrounding Instagram's updated terms and conditions put you off - it's still the best image-sharing tool around. The concept is simple - you upload arty photos taken with your phone's camera (Instagram doesn't allow you to upload images from anything other than mobile devices), apply some cool filters and unleash them on your followers.

It's a bit like Twitter but with pictures, and some of the photography showcased by users is incredible. It's insanely addictive too - before long you'll be taking snaps of every cup of coffee you drink and Subway sandwich you consume, whether the world wants to see or not.

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Screebl (£1.99)

Screebl has been around since the early days of Android and remains one of our favourite apps - it's usually the first thing that gets installed when we purchase a new phone.

The premise is simple - Screebl uses your phone's motion-sensing hardware to detect when you're holding it, and disables the screen timeout. This means that when you're reading a long email or checking out a text-heavy web page, you don't have to keep tapping the screen to keep it awake. It might not sound like a massive revolution, but once you've tried it you won't look back.

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eBay (free)

eBay is another app which has been available on Android for a while, but early versions of the app were less than ideal. eBay has updated its software and the current edition is versatile, powerful and surprisingly fast.

You can sell items using the built-in QR Code scanner and control almost every aspect of your online auction lifestyle from your phone's screen. It even has built-in alerts which tell you when things that you're bidding on or watching are coming to an end, so you'll never miss a coveted item again.

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Netflix (free, subscription required)

Movie streaming service Netflix is now available on Android, and the Nexus 4's HD screen provides the ideal platform for catching up on the latest flicks. There's a wide selection of content available, including the latest Hollywood blockbusters, popular TV shows and insightful documentaries.

The app itself is free, but you'll have to have a Netflix subscription, which is £6 a month - although a 30 day free trial is also available. The best thing is that Netflix remembers how far you've got in a film, so you can watch something on your phone during the bus ride home from work and then continue viewing on your set-top box or games console (Netflix is also available on the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) when you get home.

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