Nexus 4 out of stock in the UK again

News Clare Hopping 12:26, 17 Dec 2012

The Google Nexus 4 has come off sale in the UK again, we assume due to supply issues, but Google has blamed LG

The Nexus 4 is displaying as out of stock again in the UK.

The Google Play Store has the device listed as 'Sold Out', for both the 16GB and 8GB version.

The Google Nexus 4 has seen no end of shortages since it was released on December 4.

Shortly after it went on sale, the 8GB version sold out and the 16GB version was listed with 5-6 week delays.

Google UK and Ireland's managing director Dan Cobley apologised to those still waiting for the Nexus 4 in a letter posted on his Google+ account.

The letter reads,

'I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue.

'Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer an unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process.

'For those that originally received a 3-5 days shipping estimate, your orders are now in process for fulfilment. You can expect an email notification early this week which will include tracking information. Although you will be initially charged in full, you will receive a credit for the shipping charge soon after.

'For others that received pre-Christmas shipping estimates, we anticipate processing your orders for fulfilment this week.

'I realise that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right.'

Blaming LG for the 'scarce and erratic' supplies isn't the best publicity for the Korean manufacturer, especially as the company hasn't released much at all exciting in the past 12 months.

Let's hope Google's shipping predictions are accurate and everyone starts getting their orders soon, especially as Christmas is just round the corner.

And those who haven't ordered theirs yet, we suggest you're faster next time, or you buy the Nexus 4 via Three.

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