Google spills further details on Project Glass

News Richard Goodwin 08:34, 2 Jan 2013

Babak Parviz has confirmed that Google still isn’t sure how everyday consumers will use its Project Glass spectacles

Google’s Project Glass has been in full swing for the best part of a year now, but the company has apparently hit something of a snag in its R&D process: how will consumers like you and I actually use it once it’s made available?

In an interview with IEEE Spectrum, Glass project leader Babak Parviz said that Glass would generally be used as ‘a device that would allow for pictorial communications, to allow people to connect to others with images and video.’

He added, however, that Google was still experimenting with ways to improve the headset’s interactivity and overall usefulness, according to BGR.

The exact feature set for the headset, according to Parviz, is not yet set and is still very much ‘in flux.’ Parviz also stated that Google has ‘experimented a lot with using voice commands’ and ‘with some hand gestures.’

The Project Glass business model has yet to be defined but Google apparently has no plans to display advertising through glass ‘at the moment.’

Google has yet to confirm when its Project Glass hardware will be released into the wild. Judging from Parviz’s comments though we’d wager it’s still quite a way off, so don’t expect to be wearing any Android-powered heads-up spectacles anytime soon.

Perhaps they'll be here in time for your Xmas 2014…

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