Google launches Nexus Q with Google Play at Home

News Clare Hopping 18:26, 27 Jun 2012

Google has launched the Nexus Q music streaming device and Google Play at home solution for Android tablets and smartphones

Google has launched the Nexus Q and Google Play at Home music streaming solution at Google I/O in San Francisco.

The Google Nexus Q looks like a black orb and streams music via Google Play at Home. It streams music and content from the cloud to your home and lets you create social playlists on your Android phone or tablet.

You can add a song or playlist via your phone, as can your friends via the same Wi-Fi connection. Just launch the Google Music app on your Android phone or tablet and add music from your phone to the Nexus Q. Using the app, you can move songs up and down the playlist exactly how you want them to be.

You can also stream videos via YouTube to view on your Android tablet or smartphone.

We guess we'll here more from this at Google I/O, so keep on Know Your Mobile's live blog for all the latest launches at Google I/O.

Until then, here's a video to whet your appetite.

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