Google 'quite focused' on an affordable Android tablet

News Ben Griffin 11:01, 13 Apr 2012

Google CEO Larry Page said during the company's quarterly earnings call that the low-end of the Android market is 'important'

During its quarterly earnings call, amongst all the talk of figures Google let slip what seems like confirmation of a budget, Google-branded Android tablet.

CEO Larry Page said during the call, Phandroid reported:

'There has been a lot of success on some lower priced tablets that run Android. Maybe not the full Google version of Android, but we definitely have a belief that there is going to be a lot of success at the lower end of the market as well, with lower priced products that will be very significant. And it’s definitely an area we think is important and are quite focused on.'

Rumours have pointed towards a low-cost Android app, with some sources pointing towards manufacturer Asus because of its track record in creating affordable, quality tech.

Some sources in the know have even gone as far as to say the Google Nexus tablet, which may aim to tackle the budget market instead of following in the flagship footsteps of its smartphone brethren, is already finished.

If you need another rumour to accompany your breakfast, Google is reportedly going to launch a market specifically designed for selling Android tablets to help increase their sales.

Budget device or not, we think it really is only a matter of time before a Google-branded tablet, which we hope comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but could also mark the arrival of Jelly Bean, hits the market. The only question is - who will make it?

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