More possible pictures of Google Nexus Tab appear

News Paul Briden 18:50, 3 Apr 2012

Pictures of a new tablet have emerged which could be Google's branded Nexus tab

Pictures have surfaced online showing a new device which could be the Google Nexus Tab.

Pocketnow seems convinced it's a real picture and not a rendering. In our view, these days there's pretty much always a risk something like this could be a render, but still, we'll be optimistic and assume it's real for now.

As Pocketnow points out, there's some things we can see which suggest it could be the Nexus tablet, the main one being a lack of any third party or manufacturer apps or interface elements on the screen.

Curiously it still has the old Android Market icon so presumably these images pre-date the changeover to Google Play.

Phandroid commented that the form factor has a whiff of Asus design to it, while we can see this it's also fairly generic tablet fare and could conceivably have been made by pretty much any Android slate manufacturer. As we mentioned earlier, Asus is rumoured to be in cahoots with Google on a Nexus tab

However, recent reports indicated Google might be setting up an online store to distribute a range of branded Google tablets, allegedly manufactured by Samsung, Asus and others, direct to customers at a low price to compete with Apple's direct iPad sales.

Rumours indicate Google's Nexus tablet might be a 7-inch tablet, with this new picture, however, there's no real context to give a sense of scale.

Intriguing stuff.

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