Google-branded Android home-entertainment system incoming, claims report

News Richard Goodwin 15:40, 10 Feb 2012

Google is said to be developing an Android-powered wireless home-entertainment system that will allow users to stream content all over their houses

Google is reportedly working on an Android-powered wireless home-entertainment system that will stream media, including video and music, around your home.

The reports comes via The Wall Street Journal, which claims that Google Inc. is developing a home-entertainment system that streams music wirelessly throughout the home and would be marketed under the company's own brand,’

There are a variety of Android applications and computer-based programmes already available that will work in conjunction with Google’s Android platform but this is the first time Google has been officially linked with an Android home-entertainment project.

But will 2012’s next big technology war be fought over control of your living room? It’s certainly beginning to look that way with Apple’s rumoured iTV, which is rumoured to be landing towards the end of the year, and now this from inside Google.

Apple is already pretty well established in the ‘home-entertainment’ market with Apple TV, AirPlay and iTunes’ Home Sharing functionality. Apple’s solution is rather expensive though and does require the user to opt-in completely to get the full benefit. No doubt Google will be keen to exploit this with a more laissez faire approach.

‘With its pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility,’ says BGR, ‘Google is looking to make waves in the hardware sector as well, and this new home entertainment solution could be one of the first own-brand devices to launch following the approval of Google’s Motorola buy, which is expected to come next week.’

Google’s Android-powered home-entertainment system is expected to launch later on this year, according to the WSJ’s source.

We are officially excited.

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