PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset Is “Amazing”

News James Peckham 17:46, 18 Feb 2014

Sony’s virtual reality headset is coming soon and one representative thinks it is amazing

Sony are shifting PlayStation 4’s like crazy – it's sold 5 million in just three months. On Saturday the PlayStation 4 will also hit Japan where many market watchers expect it to sell out within 24 hours. 

How can the company build on its success with the PlayStation 4? Option one is to sell more devices which will link up to the PlayStation Now streaming service such as the new PS Vita Slim. Option two is virtual reality.

A number of reports are claiming Sony is working on a more immersive gameplay experience in the form of a virtual reality headset you can connect to your PS4. It will, according to some rumours, integrate tightly with the PlayStation 4 console and surround the gamer with the content.

One industry insider called Ahsan Rasheed has seen prototypes of the device and reckons the final product will be “amazing”.

If you translate Kando it means “Creating emotion” in Japanese and was a phrase used by Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s President, when new products were shown off at CES this year. It’s not confirmed Rasheed was looking at a Sony made virtual reality headset but he later continued to speak about Gran Turismo 7, which is a PlayStation only title.

No details on when we may begin to see the VR headset but exciting times are ahead for the gaming giant and PlayStation 4 owners alike. 


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